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Late Winter 2016 55 Club News to be able to close the gates. Next year will be better We want to thank every one that joined the Sno-Birds VAST and all the other clubs in the state this year. We know that it has been a really bad year. Your memberships keep the trails open for this year and for years to come. We hope that every one joins again next year as it is like buying insurance that we will have trails to ride in the future Two groups of VAST members enjoyed dinner at Ral Mass in Saint Znon Quebec. Sno-Bird club officers Mike Stewart Bill Lohsen Dave Fucci and Scott Ballard were just returning from a six-day 1500 mile bagging trip which included stops in Roberval Chibougamau Val-dOr and Mont Laurier. Also Chris Doc Kapusta and Duane English rounded out the group of six on the 1500 mile adventure. The Sno-Birds Tucker and David Markowskis skid steer with a soil conditioner and Dave Fucci heading up the volunteer part of the sliding party on Center Street in Rutland made an area for people of all ages to slide for a few hours when there was no snow in sight A fun time was had by all Roy Arthur Trailmaster Like us on Facebook WASHINGTON COUNTY Sno-Bees of Barre As the winter that wasnt comes to a close it is time to get out and pick up our signs survey for any winter damage and put the trails to sleep for now. If we look back on all the preparation we did for the season and then look at the end result it is pretty depressing. We need to put this year behind us and look ahead to next year. If we start with the snow dance now we may have enough snow for next December and right through next winter. We still need to give a big thanks to all the volunteers who worked on trails did fundraising sold TMAs prepared our groomer for the season and all the other little jobs that seem to get forgotten. Above all we need to thank the landowners that graciously let us travel across their property during the winter months. Have a happy and healthy summer and we will see you in the fall. Mike Perrigo President Like us on Facebook Worcester Rangers Worcester Rangers look forward to a snow-filled 2017 season. During the upcoming off-season the club is planning trail and bridge improvements. Extensive trail work between Macey and Story Roads is our first priority. Bridge abutment work is planned for trail bridges on Minister Brook Road and Calais Road. Fortunately no decking or structural work will be necessary this summer. Additional tree removal and pruning is planned for all trails. Planning has begun for Worcesters annual July 4th parade fireworks and Rangers Raffle. The July 4th prize-laden Rangers Raffle is the clubs major fundraising event. As a community-based club the Rangers appreciate the support of their neighbors and especially the landowners. Monthly meetings are held in the annex of the Worcester United Methodist Church 35 Worcester Village Road at 630 p.m. on the first Wednesday following the first Sunday of every month. Bob Stewart Communications www.vtvast.orgworcester-rangers