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Late Winter 2016 63 Featured Club an annual drawing to receive a Volunteer TMA. The more they volunteer the more chances they have to win a TMA. Russ Walsh is their trail sign coordinator and is assisted by his wife Jean. Jared Wilson is the Cook Shack coordinator assisted by his wife Karen. Dan Stowell runs the groomer along with Joe Marini and Dan Tiernan. Anthony and Denise Scricca are the co-chairs of the annual Pig Roast. Stacey Burkhardt designed and updates their website. Tim and Adam Rowe created the Facebook page and Tim Rowe Clay Sides and Karen Marini administer the page. Karen also writes their newsletter and works with Vermont Ts in Chester to order club clothing. Jeff Stearns and Willie Arnow lend their equipment for bridge and trail work. Since the fall of 2014 Snow Country Snowmobile Rentals in Proctorsville has been a huge supporter of their club playing a significant role in helping them increase their membership and in raising funds for their groomer barn. They sell TMAs and 3-day passes for the club and let them use the land next to their building for their annual Pig Roast. CLUB EVENTS During the July annual town-wide tag sale the club puts their Tucker on display at the town green and invites folks to Touch A Tucker. They host an annual Pig Roast in October and plan to include their landowners at the next event. Last year they held it on Columbus Day weekend. They had music an auction and great food. Be sure to pencil it in on your calendars for 2016 They try to schedule at least one annual Ride-In each season. Lack of snow this year turned their Ride-In into a Drive-In. They also like to make plans to attend neighboring club events. Jared Wilson commented We all need to support each other. We are all working for the same goal. There shouldnt be competition between clubs. We should promote collaboration. LACK OF SNOW IMPACT Like many other clubs this season the lack of snow will have a negative impact on financials. The clubs will still receive half the contract value for grooming which will help pay for equipment loans and insurance. The Cook Shack has not opened so the revenue the club normally receives from this wont be available to them this year. Club logo clothing that is sold at the Cook Shack was not sold also due to the Shack being closed. Overall membership is down as well. Not having the club dues from those members who did not sign up this year is also a hit to their budget. The County will also be impacted by this decline so limited money will be available to support local county clubs. CLUB FOCUS When the current officers were elected they decided to focus on three areas. Communication Their website was updated a Facebook page was created and the club newsletter is now sent out monthly. They have an incentive program where existing members who bring 5 new members or sleds to the club receive a 25 gift certificate to a local restaurant. One member has received two gift certificates this year. Even with a lack of snow they have 20 new members this year. Support The club now sponsors the month of January in the Cavendish Community Conservation Associations annual calendar donates to Cavendish Connects a blog that reports news and events of interest to Cavendish residents. They also donate club clothing to the Proctorsville Fire Departments Silent Auction the Ludlow Rotary club Penny Auction and various fundraising events for the Ballard-Hobart Post 36 American Legion Family in Ludlow. Grooming A lot of effort was put into grooming and the club received the 2015 VAST Award for Best Groomed Trails. THE FUTURE Their biggest initiative is to secure a location for a barn to house the groomer and related trail equipment. They will be planning fundraising events throughout the coming year. They also have a goal of replacing all of their old trail signs with VAST standardized signs. They are a family oriented club that encourages families to have their children take the Safety Course and take part in club activities. The Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas is a club but also a family. You can be sure you will be welcomed with open arms. Want to know whats happening Want to be a part of the decision process Want to help make the trails better This is a group of people that you will Want to do that with Club members Fred and Cam Burkhardt Noah Fisher Mike and Nick Klassner build the deck on a new bridge on Corridor 106.