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54 Snowmobile VERMONT Club News Speaking of next season dont skimp on off-season sled preparation. Since most of us did not put on many miles unless you were riding in the Burg or Quebec the sleds will have some old funky gas that should be mostly drained and used in less important vehicles like cars or lawn mowers. Leave just enough gas to keep the fuel pump wet. Clean it up grease the skid check it over and make a wish list for fall. Store in a nice clean and dry place cover and put em to bed. Now get the summer toys out and ready to rip. See our friends at Central Vermont Motorcycles for some incredible deals on in-stock sleds. You may never again see prices on new sleds this reasonable. While youre down there check out the stock of awesome ATVs. Chittenden Dammers Club meetings are the first Tuesday of the month Sept. through May at 7 p.m. at the Mountain Top Inn. Also keep in touch through our Facebook page or website Feel free to add some of your own pictures to the picture area. Lets all hope and pray for a better season. Whatever youre riding Ride It Smoothand thanks for being a Chittenden Dammer Charlie Robbins Treasurer Like us on Facebook Chittenden Dammers presented Groomer Operator Paul Racine with this framed copy of the article about him in last issuesWhos In The Groomer feature. He was also recently awarded the Trailblazer Award. Mount Holly Snow Flyers As we all know it has been a tough year for snowmobiling. Many of you have purchased your TMAs and not been able to ride. The club appreciates the dedication and support that all of our members have given us. We had our appreciation BBQ for members and landowners on March 26 at Odd Fellows in Belmont. Burgers and hotdogs with all the fixings were served and 5050 and TMA raffles were held. New club shirts and sweatshirts are now available for purchase. If you were not able to make it to the BBQ to New longsleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts are available on the Mount Holly Snow Flyerswebsite. get yours you can purchase them on our website. We will be glad to ship them to you. Thanks again for all the support from the landowners and club members. You are what make this sport possible. We will hope for a snowier winter next year. Think snow Steve Forrest President Like us on Facebook Shrewsbury Sno-Birds When we had our March meeting the temps were in the 60s and then in the 70s the next day. It did not feel like a mid-winter meeting. Most of our members have not even taken out their sleds. The ones that I have talked to say it is very uncommon to not be able to ride at least some in our area during the winter. Dad and I had our Tucker out once for over 16 hours of smoothing the trails winching and removing trees and opening the last of the gates. One week later I locked one of the gates back up and never opened it again. We are in the process of locking the rest of the road access gates. This is unheard of in my more than 30 years of grooming Usually by April 15 we are having a hard time with the snow The Sno-Birds Tucker and David Markowskis skid steer with a soil conditioner made an area for people of all ages to enjoy for a few hours during a sliding party on Center Street in Rutland. Dave Fucci headed up the volunteer portion of the event.