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Late Winter 2016 17 about how they work. I will always remember all of the good times I had being out there with my parents and my brother all of the friends we have met out on the trails and the friends that we infected with the very addictive snowmobile virus. I would not trade it for the world Do you think youll continue to stay involved in the sport as you grow older I am positive that I will stay involved in the sport.It has been such a big part of my life already that I want to make sure I can give back to the sport.I enjoy helping with trail work and working at the Cook Shack and helping in any other way possible.At this point I am addicted to snowmobiling and everything involved with it and I hope that someday when I have a family of my own I can get them just as excited about it as I have always been. I hope to be a part of this sport for a very long time. What is your most favorite trail And why I really do love them all but I would say that the trails on Shrewsbury Mountain in Shrewsbury are my fovorite. I really love being up there and being able to ride for long periods of time without being in anyones backyard and not having to cross many roads.I find it to be a very peaceful area with some beautiful scenery. There is a short hike up to the summit of the mountain which has an outstanding view. It has always been one of my favorite places to ride. What do you think VAST can do as an organization to help generate interest for people your age I think that people my age simply need a way in.I feel like it can be hard to just get your foot in the door. Making it easier to find out what is going on how to contact the people in charge of things like club rides and trail work would be a really big help.This is where social media could play a big role. We started a Facebook page for the Side Hill Cronchers about a year ago and we currently have 440 people following the page.This creates a very large outreach to the younger generations and can keep them up to date with what is going on and how they can help.I think something as simple as that can help get a lot more people involved. Joseph Berge is 19 years old and is from Sherman Conn. VAST Potential