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40 Snowmobile VERMONT By Cindy Locke Executive Director Last year and this season a group from VAST went to other states for Reciprocal Weekend to check out other trail systems. With those involved pitching to pay their way our groups consisted of Directors other club members and VAST staff. In 2015 our trip took us to Rangeley Maine. Our headquarters were near the village and right on the trail system. Last years weather was beyond cold but we had good snow. Our days of riding were spent navigating a trail system many of us did not know and trying to get away from the population that also decided to head to Rangeley that weekend. On the second day we went east and up in high elevation. Although cold we found empty trails and good riding. This season many of the same folks headed to Pittsburg New Hampshire. With such a low snow year across the Northeast Pittsburg was even more populated than usual. The network of trails in that area were heavily traveled but the local clubs did their best to get out and groom. There had to be thousands of riders this year in the area. On both of these trips our evenings are spent with communal meals talking about the day we just had and the trails we rode on. We also spoke a lot about the signing systems that both states use including corner signs junction ahead signs stop ahead signs and of course the junctions themselves. If youre interested in future plans for Reciprocal Weekend read my other article in this issue about the North East Chapter Meeting. Reciprocal Weekend By Carmin Lemery It all began before I even left the borders of Vermont. Packed and ready to go I headed towards the VAST office to meet Cindy Locke to travel to our cabin Serenity in Pittsburgh N.H. I was super excited to just get away and hope that Mother Nature would be kind to us for the weekend. I met up with Cindy and we headed out for Pittsburgh. The road twisted and turned us toward our ultimate destination. Cindy took the lead in her truck and I followed as we moved closer to our Serenity. Just when I thought it was going to be an uneventful trip I heard a loud thump. I slowed as I watched Cindy turn a corner and realized that my trailer was no longer attached to the truck. I moved to the side of the road as far off as I could. It ripped the wiring from lights and was barely hanging on by the safety chains. Breathe Carmin think Carmin 1. Call Cindy and advise her that I am no longer in her review mirror. 2. Figure out how to lift trailer and hook back up to truck. 3. Fix lights. 4. Breathe. After getting off the phone with Cindy I heard doors closing and people running toward me and there appeared three men to my rescue. Im fine.Yes I need help in so many ways In all the confusion and flurry I managed to remove the chains from the truck and pull forward away from the trailer to better evaluate the situation. What a Weekend I waited for Cindy to appear so that I could get a jack to get the hitch up off the ground and hooked back up to the truck but these gentlemen had a different plan Do you have something to put in front of the tire for the trailer one of the men asked. Yup and Ill get the jack for the trailer I replied. Nope just something to put in front of the tire. was the reply I received. I grabbed a piece of wood from Cindys truck and put under the trailer tire. Can you back up the truck I was asked. Yup but how are you going to lift the trailer I asked. Pick it up was the response. WHAT No I can get the jack I replied. Nope just backup the truck. I jumped in the truck and slowly began to back up.Slam The trailer successfully reconnected to truck. To be honest I will be lucky if I can get it off Not only did these gentlemen reattach my trailer but also spliced my lights and made sure that I was safe to continue on my adventure. I can not express how grateful I am to those guys for helping out. Successfully locked and loaded again Cindy and I hit the road. We twisted and turned until we reached our Serenity which I desperately needed by this point. We settled into camp and prepared for the remainder of our group to arrive. They trickled in over the next few hours and before long we were all assembled in one cabin for dinner. Day One The trails had been well- ridden and were a bit washboard. Oh an intersection I think that it is an intersection well it is an intersection just not sure exactly