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36 Snowmobile VERMONT Teamwork Recruit subcommittee members who will be key to the overall success of your event. First determine what kind of subcommittees you will need and then identify a leader for each. Remember that each person has a gift talent or something they can offer to help. The event leader needs to be willing to step in and help any subcommittee as needed. Follow up with all sub-teams to ensure they are on track and communicating the progress of all sub-committees to the larger team is critical. What starts out small can sometimes grow much bigger as the event starts coming together. Working with your neighboring clubs is highly recommended for support and attendance before during and after an event. This organization has a long history of clubs supporting each other Budget Trying to find money for an event can be easier than you think once you start looking. In most cases you are trying to raise money not spend it. Your members and local community are your biggest resources. Some of your club members may be business owners and be willing to donate something or they may have strong local ties to a potential sponsor in your area. These sponsors could donate anything from the venue food marketing materials or raffle prizes. Sponsors and partners that are willing to add value to your event can turn into dollars for the club. For example if you are serving food ask your local restaurant or grocery store if they would be willing to donate it. That food has now become revenue for the event instead of expenditure. You would be surprised at how many businesses will help you if you ask. Make sure there is an added value for them to be involved as well. Donated raffle prizes such as gift certificates to local businesses not only raise money for the club with the sale of the tickets but also give that business some advertising and potential new customers. Where As your realtor would say location location location is everything. The ideal event space is easily accessible by both sled and car. It should be large enough for the attendance that you expect and a little extra just in case many more show up. If the event is during snowmobile season take into consideration truck trailer and sled parking areas. Remember that our trail system is made up of 85 percent landowners. These are the wonderful folks that help us year in and year out. If they have a location that fits the needs of your plan do not be afraid to ask. Your local school community center or even a restaurant might be a good location. It can also be mutually beneficial. When Choosing an event date can have you sometimes wishing for a crystal ball. Once you pick the date try and stick with it. Many plan their weekends in advance and look forward to attending club events. Research if there are other major events in the area that might draw additional attendance or possibly take away attendance from your event. Make sure you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Some clubs during this past low snow season decided to stick with their plans and have their ride-in events as drive-in events. Many were rewarded with the overwhelming support of the snowmobile community and had good turnouts regardless of the weather. Continued from page 33