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Club News White River Valley Ramblers Derek Aldrighetti Howard Southworth and Tim Aldrighetti grilled the dogs and burgers as a club fundraiser at the Vintage Snowmobile Rendezvous in Bethel on Feb. 27. temperatures. Some started to give up by February while many began searching for snow out of state and even the country. I am still baffled when I think about how many trails never even saw a snowmobiler this winter after all the hard work that went into creating them. Im sure I echo all of the other club news reports in here when I say this season will go down in history as being one of the worst in years. Contrary to popular belief even though our groomer didnt go out much it was not an easy winter. We were constantly battling a quickly diminishing base and would often struggle to determine on whether or not we should send the groomer out. Most of our members and riders understood when we didnt send the groomer out knowing that warm temperatures and rain were on the horizon. To those members who will continue to purchase a trail pass next year even after suffering a bad season we thank you. Every trail pass counts towards keeping the doors open at VAST and at the local level. Even though we didnt groom much this year we will still have plenty of construction projects throughout the summer. The branches still grow and the rain still erodes regardless of the previous winter. On Feb. 20 we held our 17th Annual Winter Bash. Congratulations to Tom and Shelley DAmato who held the winning raffle ticket for the 2016 Ski-Doo MXZ Sport This years turnout was excellent and a lot of people attended the after party at the Cow Palace which was a great time. Thanks to Missy Nelson and the Cow Palace for hosting the after party. Director Phil Cargill who recently resigned was presented with a 14 years of service plaque. Thank you for your service Phil Thank you to the landowners who allow us to use their land. Thank you to the volunteers that create the winter highway every season and last but not least thank you to our members for supporting us and allowing us to provide you a small but important piece of the VAST trail system. Have a great spring and summer Roger Gosselin Vice President Like us on Facebook 52 Snowmobile VERMONT Vice President Roger Gosselin presents Tom and Shelley DAmato with their prize of a 2016 Ski-Doo MXZ Sport at the Drift DustersAnnual Winter Bash in late February. Orleans Snowstormers Greetings from the Northeast Kingdom. Well I guess the slow start to the snowmobile season I mentioned in the last news release never came. Anyway we held the 21st Annual Nicholas Gage Poker Run on Jan. 30. Congratulations to Larry Reynolds winner of the 500 cash first prize. Congratulations also to second prize winner Carmen Columbia third place Josh Choiniere and fourth place Roberta Jaworski. James Laberge was the winner of the 5050 raffle. We would like to thank everyone who took part for their support and also to the businesses who donated and participated as stops on the ride. We give special thanks to the Gap Pub Grill in Westmore for a very generous donation and for allowing us to have our last stop there. We would also like to thank all the landowners who allow us to maintain the VAST trail system on their property. Without their generosity there would be no trail system. Our next event will be the 22nd Annual Snowmobile Giveaway to be held in October. Watch the VAST events and news and our website for upcoming info about this great event as the time approaches. This has been a very disappointing season. Many of us were excited after last season for a repeat this season. Mother Nature robbed us of that. We