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44 Snowmobile VERMONT Club News weekend in Bennington. East Coast Snocross brought snocross racing to Willow Park. I hope you stopped by the SnoBuster trailer to say Hi and buy a WSB t-shirt. Bob Vicari deserves a special thank you for coordinating a group of WSB volunteers to help organizers with event operations. Thanks to volunteers Mary Beth and Scott Daniels Larry Gates April and Brian LaCroix Joe and Lisa Michaud and Austin Wosleger. By all accounts it was a huge success and we hope that this will continue to be an annual event The SnoBusters would like to thank the Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers for graciously rescheduling their Annual Pig Roast to avoid conflict with our Hot Dog Roast. We all appreciate being able to attend both events and value our continued friendship with our fellow snowmobile clubs. The WSB Annual Hot Dog Roast was unfortunately canceled due to lack of snow. The Hot Dog Roast has been a SnoBuster tradition for well over 20 years and we have only had to cancel one other time. I guess all we can do now is to figure out how to get back in Mother Natures good graces for next season Stacey Bleile Hospitality Director Like us on Facebook CALEDONIA COUNTY ToP LeFT Carole Picard and Kevin Hudson of the East Montpelier Gully Jumpers club won a helmet that was donated by Gillies of East Montpelier. ToP RIGHT Club President Milt Lamberton and Dick Pages brother Deane Page hand out dinner tickets. BoTToM Gail McDonnell Barbara Edson and Juelle Lamberton get to-go meals ready. Buckaroos of 302 Its been a dreary and disappointing winter so far to say the least. Little snow and above average temperatures have been the downfall to the 2016 season. Nonetheless the Buckaroos were still able to have a productive and successful year. We set a record in Early-Bird TMA sales and were able to add on to our trail system with the addition of the Sprocket Trail. Despite the lack of snow the Dick Page Ride-In was a success. We sold out and even had two riders show up on snowmobiles. The Ride-In has always been a landowner appreciation dinner for the Buckaroos and we had 18 landowners come for a total of 36 free meals. We have plans to redeck the Sucker Brook Bridge and possibly the bridge on the 2004 trail. Well continue to work on improving our newer trails as well as the never-ending cycle of clearing brush and trees from the trail system. The Buckaroos are looking to put together a list of volunteers that we can contact when we plan on doing trail maintenance projects. If anyone is interested in being put on our list please contact any of the officers. We award 13 Volunteer TMAs every fall so if anyone is interested in earning one wed love to have you on board for one of our trail projects. Have any suggestions comments or questions Feel free to contact the club we love to hear feedback from riders. Thank you everyone who purchased a TMA from us this season. Were sorry that it wasnt a better season but hopefully next year will be better As always be safe respect the landowners property and please dont litter our beautiful trails. Taylor Lamberton Secretary Like us on Facebook Lyndon Sno-Cruisers What can any of us say Our Northeast Kingdom snowmobiling relies completely on the weather that comes along. The Lyndon Sno- Cruisers were able to hold the annual Poker Run fundraiser and we showed a profit from the event but it takes that core of local TMA members to