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22 Snowmobile VERMONT22 Snowmobile VERMONT Weathersfield Pathfinders Help A Friend In Need By Patty Companik On Saturday Feb. 27 the Weathersfield Pathfinders in partnership with the West Weathersfield Fire Department held a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser to assist with the medical bills of a member of their community. In a matter of a few weeks these dedicated groups of folks planned communicated organized and conducted a successful event to help their friend Karson Lewis. Karson is a lifelong resident of Weathersfield and considered an extended member of the Weathersfield Pathfinders snowmobile family. His brothers Devin groomer operator and Cole are active club members. While Karson hasnt been on a sled in a while he has helped with trail maintenance in the past. You can also count on Karson to be at the shop when the Tucker is in for routine maintenance helping out and contributing his two cents. When Pathfinders Vice President Seth Kimball was trying to find a location that would allow for a large volume of people he thought of club member Mike Barrups relationship with the Fire Department. Mike was able to obtain approval to utilize the firehouse and he also recruited five volunteers from the firehouse to help with the event. Several neighboring snowmobile clubs came out and supported the event including the Andover Mountaineer Snow Riders Chester Snowmobile Club Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas and the Derry Sled Dogs Snowmobile Club. John Murphy president of the Cronchers could be found in the kitchen washing dishes and the Cronchers also made a monetary donation. Both the AMSR and Chester Snowmobile clubs brought donations for the raffle. The event raised 6100 from donations for the 135 dinners that were served during the two hour length of the event. Food was donated by Black River Produce West Weathersfield Fire Department Womens Auxiliary and club members. A 5050 raffle yielded 816 and the winner donated half of her winnings back to the fundraiser. Seth Kimball said it best Without the tremendous support of the small local community we live in we wouldnt have been able to accomplish this great feat and help Karson in his time of need. Weathersfield PathfindersWeathersfield Pathfinders Over 20 club members and fire department volunteers worked to raise 6100 to help Karson Lewis left front row kneeling. Patty Companik photos Stacia Anderson and Portia Ballard sell tickets for rae prizes donated by Bennys Powersports Deep River Snacks Perkinsville Maple Products Bibens Home Center Two Neanderthals Smokin BBQ Route 106 Deli Andover Mountaineer Snow Riders Bond Auto Parts Chester Snowmobile Club and Simon Pearce Glass. Chow line volunteers are Pam Kimball Meagan Keith Heather Olsen Sam McMillian Levi Parker Tracey Dauphin and Natoshya Spaulding. Volunteers Vice President Seth Kimball organized the event greeted patrons ran refills to the servers and collected donations. Je Gilcris Sr. and Secretary Mike Coleman made the homemade sauce for the event. President Je Strong and Assistant Trailmaster Jordan Kimball cooked the pasta. Servers included Heather Olsen WPF Meagan Keith WPF Pam Kimball WPF Sam McMillian WPF Levi Parker WWFD Ed Barrup kept the coee full WWF Tracey Dauphin WWFD Josh Dauphin WWFD Mychael Spaulding WWFD John Cassidy WWFD Natoshya Spaulding WWFD Cheryl Watson WWFD Richard Watson WWFD. Table clearers where Kathy Kimball WPF Lisa Varney WPF Club treasurer. Setup and clean up was done by Chris Olsen WPF and Bob Blair WPF. Ricky Nadeau WPF handled trac control. Dishes were washed by John Murphy President Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers. Greeters were Stacia Anderson WPF Jake Wilson WPF and Portia Ballard WPF.