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Late Winter 2016 59 weather looks like at the Warming Hut dont forget to go to the website for our webcam. We also post news and events there and on Facebook. Once the new season starts you can get trail conditions there too. Important medical alert There is a serious affliction reaching epic proportions in the Northeast. If you see a snowmobiler walking around with drooped shoulders kind of grumpy and has an overall sad demeanor because they didnt get their snowmobiling fix this year and has to wait another whole year before theres even hope again... it is imperative that you give them a hug to help them through the warm months. You know who they are. Thank you landowners businesses and members for sticking with us and for supporting the club during the dry times. Enjoy the summer Tina Berge Information Ofcer Like us on Facebook Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Vice President Steve Kondracki Assistant Vice President Scott Grover Secretary Doug Peabody and President John Murphy Jr. all enjoyed their clubs Hot Dog Cookout. Patty Companik photo Weathersfield Pathfinders Greetings everyone I dont really have a lot to report in this issue as we havent received any snow at all since late January. Its pretty much been a brown winter on our part of the the use of the firehouse and their help to make the event run smoothly. We also thank all of the volunteers that showed up to help us serve. This event couldnt have been the success that it was without the help of all the volunteers Jeff Strong Mike Coleman Lisa Varney Jordan Kimball Kathy Kimball Meagan Keith Chris and Heather Olsen Bob Blair Ricky Nadeau Stacia Anderson Jake Wilson Portia Ballard The Gilcris family Jeff Jeff Sr. Jeff Jr. and Gretchen Mike Barrup Ed Barrup Josh Dauphin Tracey Dauphin Mychael Spaulding John Cassidy Natoshya Spaulding Richard Watson Cheryl Watson and Levi Parker We appreciate the generosity of area businesses that donated many great prizes. The 5050 raffle raised 816 and the winner donated half back. At the end of the night after everything was picked up we had a chance to count all of the donations that were generously given. We were able to donate 6100 to help this young man get back and forth to all of his treatments. Seth Kimball Vice President weathersfieldpathfinderssnow- Like us on Facebook Weathersfield Pathfinders present Karson Lewis with a check for funds they raised by holding a spaghetti dinner to help oset his medical expenses. Patty Companik photo VAST trail system. Trailmaster Kevin took the groomer out on its one and only voyage in late January to pack down a good base for possible future snowstorms. Unfortunately that base is now gone now and we have lots of green grass showing. Our one big event so far this season was held on the evening of Feb. 27. The Weathersfield Pathfinders in conjunction with the West Weathersfield Fire Department held a benefit spaghetti dinner to help raise money for a member of our small community that has recently been faced with a stay at the hospital and a long road that follows. Every last dollar that was donated went to help out this young man get down the long road that is ahead of him. A group of more than 25 volunteers served over 130 meals to the attendees of the function. Jeff Gilcris and Secretary Mike Coleman took on the task of making all of the sauce from scratch. The total process took over 14 hours to cook the seven gallons of sauce to perfection. President Jeff Strong and Assistant Trailmaster Jordan Kimball cooked 24 pounds of pasta that was needed to make the perfect spaghetti dinner. Meagan Keith and Sweet Surrender Bakery made all of the baguettes that were turned into perfectly toasted garlic bread. Black River Produce donated all of the salad mix and club members donated the fixings for the salad. The fire departments womens auxiliary cooked 12 dozen brownies for the brownie la mode that was served for desert. A big thank you goes out to the Weathersfield Fire Department for