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Late Winter 2016 49 Club News I took the picture that accompanies this article on top of Green Mountain. I was able to enjoy a sunrise and moonset at the same time Thank You for enjoying our trail system David Diminico Trailmaster Like us on Facebook Northeast Kingdom Snow Blasters Trailmaster David Diminico took this photo of a sunset and moonrise while out grooming. FRANKLIN COUNTY Franklin County Snow Raiders The following changes in officers are as follows President vacant Vice President Kevin Mitchell Secretary Saundra Badger Treasurer Ken Stockwell Saundra Badger will assume treasurer in 2017-2018 Trailmaster Kevin Badger Assistant Trailmaster Mike Clark. Many of the current officers have held their positions for many years and have opted for changes and to begin new ventures. Hopefully the membership will continue to support the club and help out in any way possible. Because of the complexity of the treasurer position I hold I am staying on another year so I can show the new treasurer the ropes. It has been a disappointing season for snowmobiling with little to no snow in many areas of the state of Vermont. Our club purchased a new drag for the groomer and unfortunately it didnt see snow At least it will be all ready for next season. Membership is down this year. I guess that goes with the fact we havent had any snow to ride on. I know many people who have bought VAST memberships are wondering if their membership will carry over but unfortunately it doesnt work that way. The club thanks the many landowners who have graciously given the club permission to access their property for our trail system. Without them we would go nowhere. I wish everyone a great summer. Ive enjoyed the past couple months in Florida. Ken Stockwell Treasurer Like us of Facebook ORANGE COUNTY Corinth Sno-Scramblers Usually at this point in the season we are over waist deep in snow the Tucker has many hours of grooming time logged and all of our snowmobiles have quite a few more miles on them than when they had their pre-season tune ups. Unfortunately that is not the case for this winter. We havent gotten up to our knees in snow the Tucker hasnt left the yard and many of our sleds have about the same mileage as they did in December. Its been quite a few years since we had a winter where our trails didnt open. El Nio could be a snowmobilers archnemesis. However not all is lost with this winter. Our time not riding the trails has allowed us extra time to continue working on projects to improve our trail system. Our project list currently includes making some minor repairs to the bridge on 25A that leads to Maplewood and filling in culverts on trail 5. Thank you to Mr. Haney for volunteering to work on that project. We also must trench out the section of trail on the top of Bear Notch to allow for better drainage. In the off-season we will be working to change out some of our trail signs. At our March club meeting we elected to keep all of our officers the same for this coming year. While our Early Bird TMA sales were down this season we are hopeful that next season will bring us more favorable weather. We are still very thankful for all of the hardworking volunteers and our landowners that continue to make this sport possible. Our Annual Landowners Appreciation Breakfast RONNIES CYCLE SALES OF PITTSF 501 WAHCONAH STREET PITTSFIELD MA 01201 STOP BY TODAY FOR INCREDIBLE OFFERS AND UNBEATABLE SERVICE. Add your ow Dealer Mess AddUpload by selecting EditChange information RONNIES CYCLE SALES OF PITTSF 501 WAHCONAH STREET PITTSFIELD MA 01201 STOP BY TODAY FOR INCREDIBLE OFFERS AND UNBEATABLE SERVICE. Add your ow Dealer Mess AddUpload by selecting EditChange information 501 Wahconah Street Pittsfield MA 413 443-0638 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturday 9am-4pm R The Way Out. SPRING ORDER Lowest Pricing Around on 2017 sleds Ends April 12th