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14 Snowmobile VERMONT Howard Allen has actively volunteered for over 45 years currently as a member of the Hardwick Sno-Flake Ridge Runners and formerly of the Lamoille County Snow Packers. He continues to groom trails and is the chief mechanic for the groomer. Over the years he has helped build maintain and mark trails. Howard has served on the executive board of the Hardwick Club. He has worked hard year after year to help organize and carry out spaghetti ride-ins club fundraisers and the Lamoille County Landowners Appreciation Dinner. Over the 30 years that Marshall Bowman has been a member of the North Country Mountaineers he has relentlessly given his time and energy to blazing trails along their trail system. He was one of the members who established the original trails and before the advent of trail groomers he was out there breaking trails for riders to enjoy. Year after year he has sought landowner permissions signed trails cut brush built bridges installed culverts cleared storm damage and done trail clean-up at seasons end. Marshall actively participates in club activities and fundraisers. Hes hardly slowed down at age 76 continuing to be a great resource for his club. Don Glover has been one of the hardest working volunteers since the 1960s. He has served the Danville S-Ski-Mos and Caledonia County Club. Whenever there is work to be done Don is there from getting landowner permissions debrushing signing building bridges to building entire trails. He received a national award in 1996 for the construction of Trail 51 from Martys Quick Stop north. He supervised and worked alongside a group of young volunteers to make this happen. He has many years experience as club trails coordinator and county trails coordinator. He has brought his club from grooming the railbed with a Ski Doo Alpine to a Class 1 grooming contract. Roger Haskins has been an outstanding volunteer for the Saxon Hill Riders since the 1970s. He serves as treasurer of the club and attends county and VAST meetings. He participates in all aspects of trail work. Roger is a key member of the Groomer Maintenance and Rescue Team. His By Dave Ladd 25Years of Volunteering electrical skills have saved the day or night under the worst conditions. Roger organizes and maintains the storage shed for the club. He secures door prizes and food donations for the annual Landowners Dinner and works with the other volunteers to make it a special occasion. Paul Racine is the groomer operator for the Chittenden Dammers. To the uninitiated it sounds like a nice cushy job. Those who groom know theres a lot of hard work and Paul enjoys every minute of it. He knows the Tucker inside and out keeping it ready to groom with regular maintenance and repair. Paul has been an active volunteer for his club for 26 years. For 12 years he was the Trailmaster and continues to be a strong participant in all aspects of trail work. He has an infectious enthusiasm for snowmobiling and is a tremendous asset to his club. Riding shotgun with Paul most days is his wife Gwen Racine. She has served as a board member for the Dammers and is the clubs official photographer. You can see some of her By Dave LaddBy Dave LaddBy Dave LaddBy Dave Ladd Trailblazers Corner Gwen and Paul Racine have been active volunteers with the Chittenden Dammers for more than 26 years. Don Glover installed signs last year on the LVRT in Danville.