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Late Winter 2016 3 VASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVAST NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Late Winter 2016 BIENNIAL CONSTRUCTION SEMINAR By Matt Tetreault The Trails Team is working on a new online format for the Biennial Spring Construction Seminar which as noted in the title will take place once every two years from now on. Since there was a seminar held last year we will not be holding a seminar this spring. I will update the clubs through their County Trail Coordinators and Directors as we make progress. During years when we do not hold a seminar an informational sheet will be sent out to all clubs and grooming contractors. It will highlight any changes to Trail Policies State and local regulations and will include other relevant information to aid clubs in adhering to proper protocol when performing trail work applying for Grant-In-Aid funds or grooming. There will likely be some significant changes forthcoming in the Trail Policy Manual regarding grooming contracts and the various Grant-in- Aid Programs. The Trails Committee and Board of Directors are discussing these changes monthly and once a final decision has been made these changes will be highlighted on the informational sheets. CLUB WEBCAMS Does your club have a webcam Send the link to us and well add it to our interactive snowmobile trails map. VAST DAY UNDER THE DOME 2016 VAST set up in the Card Room of the Vermont State House on March 18 for the opportunity to chat with our legislators. Funding for the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail was a big topic of discussion along with the lack of snow this year. KIDS ACTIVITY COLORING BOOK Are you artistic or like making puzzles We are seeking contest entries of snowmobile themed coloring pages word searches connect-the-dots mazes and more for a new VAST childrens activity booklet. Email your high resolution 8.5 x11-inch artwork by July 1 to or mail to 26 Vast Lane Barre VT 05641. We will announce winners and show their entries in the summer issue. In addition to being included in the booklet youll also receive a Snowmobile Vermont sweatshirt t-shirt and baseball or beanie hat. BENNINGTON COUNTY DIRECTOR VAST has an opening on our board of directors. This position covers Bennington County. In order to qualify candidates must be residents of Bennington County Vermont. Our board meetings are held monthly on the fourth Monday of the month at 6 p.m. at the VAST office in Berlin Vermont. You may request a copy of the VAST bylaws which describes the roles and responsibilities of a VAST Director. If you are interested and or have questions call or email Cindy Locke at or call 802-229-0005 ext. 11.