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46 Snowmobile VERMONT CHITTENDEN COUNTY Iroquois Snow Beavers This was the winter that never was. As VAST clubs we dont ever stop thinking about snowmobiling. The summer can be spent on landowner relations rebuilding damaged infrastructure getting necessary permits for trail construction and seeking reroutes. The fall is when we put out our trail flags install signs and distribute TMAs. We run our fundraising event in December. Then we wait for snow. And wait... And wait... A great deal of time and effort goes into ensuring the trails can open when Mother Nature decides to deal us an opportunity. This year the opportunity never came. It can be deflating to know that all of the flags that are waving in the breeze will not see a single snowmobile ride between them. All the effort and manpower that went into building new bridges and repairing the old and not a single snowmobile will ride over them. Seeing the trail get used brings us satisfaction in knowing all of our ESSEX COUNTY ABoVe The Brighton Snowmobile Clubs Annual Snowmobile Rae-Dinner Dance was sold out and very successful. LeFT George King was the grand prize winner of a brand new Ski-Doo at the Rae-Dinner Dance. efforts are at least getting utilized. We ride the trails we work on. This year we will pick up our flags return our TMAs and thank our landowners. Well start again next year hoping that history doesnt repeat itself. Thank you to all of our landowners businesses and volunteers that make riding in HinesburgHuntington Chittenden County possible. We couldnt do it without you Erik Engstrom President Like us on Facebook Brighton Snowmobile Club With the unusual winter snowmobile season coming to an end in the Northeast Kingdom we were luckier than most. We did get in a few good weeks of decent riding including some in early March. Our year began with a very successful fundraiser in mid-January. Our Annual Snowmobile Raffle-Dinner Dance was sold out and well attended. We would like to thank all the volunteers that made it such a great event. The lucky winner was George King a long time supporter and member of the Brighton Snowmobile Club. He took a little ribbing as he is an avid Arctic Cat man and his new sled is a Ski-doo from Walts Sales and Service. We think George looks pretty good on his new machine. Although we werent able to do our normal amount of grooming this year we would like to thank our numerous groomer operators for their dedication and the long hours they did spend making the trails some of the best in the state. We did have several incidents where snowmobilers were less than courteous when they met one of our groomers. For safety reasons we primarily groom at night so there is less traffic and we wont interfere with snowmobiles. On occasion we do have to groom during the day depending on the weather. We ask that riders please be considerate and pull over if they meet the groomer or be patient if they come upon one from behind. Remember that although the riding may be over our work never ends. Be a volunteer and contact your local club to see what you can do to help in the off-season. Also remember to support your local club and VAST next year with your early membership so that we may continue to offer you some great riding. Even when the season is closed we still have expenses such as groomer payments and trail work and their expenses. We wish you all a wonderful spring and summer. Homer Selby Club Reporter Like us on Facebook