44 | Snowmobile VERMONT There are 17 clubs in the Windsor county which represent 454 miles of corridor trials and over 100 miles of secondary feeder trails. All these miles are maintained and managed by volunteers from the 17 clubs.  All year long, not just between Dec 15 and April 15, these volunteers work tirelessly planning and working to improve their piece of the VAST trail system. The cost of your TMA allows VAST to focus on funding the main corridor trails grooming, construction projects and to help offset the costs of equipment for all 121 clubs in Vermont. Did you know the cost of a new groomer is north of $225,000? VAST’s budget is voted on every year at Annual Meeting and it outlines all the expense details.  Unfortunately, there isn’t enough money in the budget to support the local secondary feeder trails. That is where the county club steps in. The Windsor County Snowmobile Club consists of board members, some of which have dedicated several decades of their time volunteering for the sport of snowmobiling. You really need to know a little about the people behind the county club to understand the true commitment and extensive experience they offer to all the clubs of the county. President Dennis LeMire has held the position just shy of 20 years and has been involved over 40 years. Richard “Dick” Jewett been the vice president and director for the past nine years with an additional seven years as an alternative director. He has been involved for a total of 35 years. Alternate Director Doug Jacobs has held the position for the past two years and has been involved almost 30 years. Treasurer Mike Coleman is a second year officer. This position was previously held by Carol Coyne for seven years. Secretary Patty Companik is a first year officer and just recently got involved in snowmobiling. This position was previously held by Yvonne Rice for 10 years. Trailmaster Gordon Homes has held the position for 17 years and has been involved over 45 years. Alternate Trailmaster Barry Messer has held the position for five years and has been involved over 28 years. John Murphy has been on the board of directors for three years has been involved over 30 years. Mark Walker has been on the board of directors for 15 years and has been involved over 20 years. For all snowmobile riders who purchase their TMA through a Windsor county local club there is a $10 county club fee associated with your TMA purchase. What does this $10 do for the trails you ride?  You may be surprised! The purpose of the Windsor County Snowmobile Club is: - To provide a liaison between county clubs and VAST - To foster a close relationship with the landowners of Windsor county - To develop and maintain a county network of snowmobile trails Windsor County Snowmobile Club Helping Clubs Cover the Costs of Secondary Trails & More Barry Messer and Gordon Holmes Dick Jewett and Doug Jacobs John Murphy and Mark Walker Dennis Lemire, Patty Companik and Mike Coleman By Patty Companik