12 | Snowmobile VERMONT routine of traveling an hour each way to visit and support him. This event was spearheaded by a group of Stacey’s friends and co- workers who reached out to their “Snowmobile Family” for help in planning and coordinating the logistics. The event was held at the Canadian Club in Barre with a Calcutta-style raffle, spaghetti meal, silent auction and a GoFundMe page. Many supporters purchased tickets, donated items, bid on silent auction items and contributed via the GoFundMe site. $4,500 was raised to help them out. Some of the improvements that have been completed include ramp access to the house and a remodeled bathroom providing easier access. This event was a great showing of folks coming together to support each other in a time of need. A great big “Thank You” to all the folks that pulled this together, supported it or any other similar event in your own community. By Dave Rouleau On May 20, the snowmobile community came out to support Johnny and Stacey Lynds in a fundraising event to help them offset medical bills and costs necessary to make their home handicap- accessible. Johnny and Stacey Lynds are household names in the Central Vermont snowmobile community, where Johnny has volunteered many hours serving on various VAST committees. He has held the position of Washington county director, president of the Washington County Snowmobile Clubs, president of the Green Mountain Roamers and assisted with the Bolton Valley Mountain Climbers. Johnny has been dealing with health issues for quite some time and this past winter. He found a new home at Dartmouth for a few months, followed by rehab care in St. Johnsbury before finally being released to come home to Graniteville. As you can imagine, the bills added up fast and Stacey and their daughter Alyssa had a new JOHNNY LYNDS CALCUTTA FUNDRAISER such as the Chez Pigeon in Norton. This restaurant is in a small town, with truly not much in it but an old gas station. Without the traffic of the snowmobilers, the restaurant will struggle; to pay the workers, the bills, and for the food they then serve. But come a good winter, the Chez Pigeon has a giant, beautiful back room that will fill with happy riders, talking about the riding conditions, and memories they’ve made. These businesses walls are covered in advertising for snowmobile clubs, pictures of riders and customers, and things related to the sport, making riders feel at home. Because that is what this sport is about. These riders rely on the businesses, for the fuel, the food, or a warm up. And the businesses rely on the people to in turn spend money. To these business owners, the sport is more. The interaction with the riders, and being involved is what they do it for. Making their spot not only be a home, but making the stop become a favorite, so riders will return. I will end with this, I am only seventeen, and have only been part of the sport for that long, but if you don’t believe me, I ask you to stop into any place you see flying the large “Snowmobilers Welcome!” banner. You will understand what I mean. That is the true economic benefit of snowmobiling. VAST News FINANCIAL HELP How is your club doing regarding following federal and state laws? Do you need help? Please reach out to VAST if your club needs assistance regarding filing regulations, nonprofit status, etc. VAST has retained a CPA firm located in the Montpelier area to help you. For help and additional information email Cindy Locke at cindy@vtvast.org. The Canadian Club in Barre was packed with supporters at the Johnny Lynds Calcutta Fundraiser on May 20. (Beth Godin photos) Addie and her dad, Steve Howald, won the $500 grand prize. Steve generously donated $400 back to Alyssa, Stacey and Johnny Lynds.