34 | Snowmobile VERMONT Club News Our PistenBully is also getting some upgrades. We are performing our service of filters, all fluids and grease, as well as replacing broken hardware and ice picks and beefing up and welding our track system. Please keep in mind that our 1999 PistenBully 200 is in original condition and is maintained and repaired by volunteers from the club. Brad Shepherd is our lead mechanic and performs countless hours on the Bully. Thank you, Brad! Finally, we have several construction projects awaiting completion, including reditching the trail directly behind Chez Pidgeon to dry up that pesky wet area and building a bridge over the beaver dam stream, which rarely freezes, on 105a. We are also working on a possible large reroute to avoid shared trails on active logging roads this winter in Averill. We will keep you posted of any changes as they happen. Thanks for your support as our Facebook page followers count has now surpassed the 2000 mark. Happy summer everyone! David Diminico, Trails Coordinator & Groomer northeastkingdomsnowblasters.com Like us on Facebook  Hunter Diminico helps remove signs on the groomer access trail. FRANKLIN COUNTY Franklin County Snow Raiders’ Trail Coordinator Kevin Mitchell was“Frosty”at the St. Alban’s Maple Festival parade. Franklin County Snow Raiders Here we are in the month of June and we still haven’t had any real summer-like weather to speak of. We are staying busy assessing some bridge and culvert projects that need to be taken care of before the season begins. We are in hopes of having these projects completed during the summer months, if the rain ever stops. There have been a couple of areas where property has been sold and buildings are being constructed, so we need to reach out to the landowners to find out if our trails are affected. The club participated in the St. Albans Maple Festival Parade on Sunday, April 30. It was a cold damp day where we saw some snow showers and rain. Regardless, Kevin and Sandy Badger came with the banners and rigging to haul our groomer in the parade. A couple of our smaller Snow Raiders, along with Trail Coordinator Kevin Mitchell, handed out club stickers to the parade-goers. President Scott Guptill and Vice President Dan Bockus held up the back end of the float. It was a great day and glad we participated. During this off-season, we will be planning some events for the fall and winter. There are some ideas that have floated around the club and we want to try and take advantage of what has been voiced. If anyone has ideas or connections for fundraisers, send us a message on Facebook or to our email fcsnowraiders@gmail.com with your suggestions. Scott Guptill, President Like us on Facebook Brookfield Trail Blazers We are in the height of construction season. We have many projects that we are going to try to get finished by the end of the season. We have a major reroute going on and, of course, bridge work. We are currently and always looking for more volunteers. If you would like to be a part of this amazing club, contact a member today. We had a tolerable season last year, but let’s hope for a better one this year. We would like to thank the Wagon Wheel and all its staff for hosting us for our annual raffle. Congratulations to Tyler Wheatley, Artie Clark, Tim Lapante Jr. and Brian Bailey. They took home the top prize of $1000 split four ways. ORANGE COUNTY