32 | Snowmobile VERMONT Club News Lyndon Sno-Cruisers The monsoon season is advancing along as we try to look forward to the next snowmobile season. The Lyndon Sno-Cruisers worked with Kingdom Trails to serve up a pancake breakfast take a quick peek at our trail system this summer to see if there was any damage or washouts. We have a few projects planned for this upcoming fall. We will be working with the town of Groton to install 911 addresses at road crossings in case they are needed for emergencies. We also have a bridge that needs to be replaced on Corridor 2004 by junction CA10. Finally, we are working on a plan for mowing the trail system this summer. We are always looking for some new volunteers. We offer 10 VAST Volunteer TMAs every year and if you receive one, you get a TMA for free! Please contact either Gary Lamberton or Kevin McDonnell if interested. That’s it for us, we hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather but thinking about snow! As always, be safe, respect the landowners’ property and please don’t litter our beautiful trails. Kevin McDonnell, Vice President Taylor Lamberton, Secretary buckaroosof302.com Like us on Facebook Rhea Ringgard and Bonnie Dwyer set up the Lyndon SnoCrusiers’ food table at NEMBAfest. Newark EZ Riders Here we are with a little more than four months from the opening of the 2018 riding season. Wow, summer is flying by! Our club had a great season last year. Snow came early and stayed well into the spring. Our sign pick up was done on schedule and they were all put to bed until next season. The club voted to order some large metal signs to warn drivers to stay off our unplowed roads here in Newark that are used as VAST trails in the winter. We seem to have many people thinking they could drive down those trails in their cars and trucks, only to become stuck in the trail. I would like to take this time and thank all the landowners here in Newark that allow the club to use their land for our trail system. We CHITTENDEN COUNTY Iroquois Snow Beavers When it rains, it pours... Independence Day seems to have its way with our region regarding severe storms and flooding. This year was no different. On June 30 our area received 3 to 4 inches of rain overnight and overwhelmed our streams, brooks and rivers. We have numerous bridges in possible flood areas and will need to assess the damage quickly in order to determine the impact it has had on our infrastructure. Any work required to shore up damaged infrastructure would be in addition to existing projects needing completion, including a reroute around Red Rock Maple Sap Line in Starksboro, a reroute around Taft Farm Fields in Huntington, a bridge replacement near Pleasant Mount Farm in Huntington and a bridge across Spence/Brace Brook in Huntington. We will also need some general maintenance on the trails for brush hogging and tree brushing. If anyone is interested in volunteering time or resources, please contact Erik Engstrom at Erik.Engstrom@gmail. com. Hopefully, our work will be rewarded for the attendees at the NEMBAfest event that was held June 17-18. The fat-bikers enjoyed pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee and Vermont maple syrup before they tackled the trails. The event was held at the Wildflower Inn on our trail system. The shiny blue snowmobiles got a good wash and wax to maintain their finish and value while in storage. They need to have the fluid levels checked in the batteries over the summer with battery tenders keeping them ready. The club held a picnic on July 1 to relax. Landowners, club officers, groomer operators and club members attended. We enjoyed the raindrops of the day. Our next club meeting will be on Sept. 1 at Every Buddy’s Casual Dining at 7 p.m. where we will select delegates for the VAST Annual Meeting on Sept. 9. We will also make plans to check and see what the summer monsoon season did to our trails. So long until then. Larry Dwyer, Secretary lyndonsnocruisers.com Like us on Facebook could not have this sport without your help. I would also like to thank all our club volunteers that help with trail repairs and maintenance and our club officers for their many hours behind the scenes. The 50th VAST Annual Meeting is coming up on Sept. 9 in Lamoille county. Please try and attend and see what great things are happening at VAST for the upcoming year. See the VAST website for information and also check out the Newark EZ Riders Facebook page for club information. Congratulations to VAST on 50 years! See you at Annual Meeting. Steve Leedy, President Like us on Facebook