Summer 2017 | 13 DO YOU KNOW A TRAILBLAZER? Applications are accepted all year and may be filled out online or downloaded in PDF format at By Dave Ladd Trailblazers’ Corner Trailblazers’ Corner 25+ 25+ Years of Volunteering Ken Stockwell has served the Franklin County Snow Raiders for over 40 years! He has been president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Ken has taken care of the books, TMAs, insurance and legal compliance for many years. He continues to assist with trail work every season. Stephen Gray has been a key volunteer for the Mountain Tamers Snowmobile Club of Calais/ Woodbury since 1976. Steve served the club as president and vice president. His first term as trailmaster was for 20 years. He took on the duties again for an additional 14 years. He has the kids and fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. represented the Mountain Tamers at the Washington County Club and has been a director/trustee of his club for 41 years. Steve and Marion Gray received the Snowmobile Family of the Year Award at VAST’s 1989 Annual Meeting. The club trails have benefited greatly from his hard work, which ranges from landowner permission forms to building bridges, signing, creating new trails and relocating old ones. He assisted in the construction of a new groomer shed and makes sure the club’s grooming staff is available and well qualified. Jacquelyn “Jackie” Griswold has been treasurer of the Andover Mountaineer Snow Riders for over 30 years. She is there to support the club’s trail projects, providing drinks and snacks for the crew and supervising their progress. Jackie is right there for all the club fundraisers and events. She always makes sure everyone is fed and the venues are left tidier than they were found. She is a big hit with Allen “Chip” Woods has been a volunteer for the Hawk’s Mountain Ridge Riders for 55 years. He served as the trailmaster for 35 years, and as Windsor county trailmaster for five years. Chip has coordinated and worked on all trail projects, both for the club and the county. He was known as the “old guy with the green jeep with a brush hog mounted on the back.” Chip houses and maintains the club groomer and served many years as a groomer operator. He has been instrumental in landowner relations and has always been able to find reroutes when necessary. Chip and his wife, Suki, have snowmobiled all over Vermont and beyond. They were always a team for trail work. He loves old snowmobiles as evidenced by an extensive collection. At 82, he still rides and loves to talk snowmobiling and trail maintenance.