Summer 2017 | 15 adventure further. The snowmobile tracks crossed Lake Memphremagog to enjoy a meal at the local restaurant, The Top Deck, located on the Lake Road in Newport. Enjoying a 20-mile snowmobile ride would take riders all day to complete with these older machines. Before enjoying a day of riding on the machines, gas and oil had to be premixed in order for machines to operate properly. The formula used then consisted of mixing a quart of oil to five gallons of gas. If the two were not mixed together, it would ruin the snowmobile engine. There always was fuel located on their property and a hand crank pump allowed for the easy access. As the family grew over the years, the love of snowmobiling remained at heart for Denis (Newark E-Z Riders), Donald (Country Riders Snowmobile Club), and Louie (Glover Trail Winders). The enjoyment of riding has also encouraged other riders in the family, including sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and spouses. While now enjoying newer faster machines and the enhanced VAST groomed corridor trails, riding during the 1960s is a great memory of their childhood to pass along to generations to come. Back In The Day The photos accompanying this article are scans from original slides of the Piette family enjoying their new Ski-Doo in the late 1960s. (Courtesy Nancy Piette)