Summer 2017 | 35 Club News At our final meeting, we elected Jeremy Gabree as vice president and Nate Brien as trailmaster. Other officers include Tyler Wheatley as president, Erin Easton as secretary and Jessica Kelley as treasurer. Nate Brien, Trailmaster & Media Director Like us on Facebook Topsham Ridgerunners Greetings from the hills of Topsham! We are drying out from a soggy start to our summer. I got a call from a landowner today and he told me of some really bad wind damage and some washouts. Check your trails too! I thought we were spared. Oh well, add it to the list! We have been pretty busy behind the scenes as usual. We submitted a Grant-In-Aid application for a bridge replacement and some badly needed drainage work. Thank you to our secretary, Bunnie Caruso, for helping me gather pricing and to our vice president, Andrew Connell, for taking all of that info and putting it together and getting it off to VAST. It was a lot of leg work, emails, texts and phone calls. Thanks to both of you. Congratulations to Kyle Pittman. Kyle is a senior who graduated from Oxbow High School and the Riverbend Tech Center and is the recipient of our scholarship award. Kyle plans to go to UNOH in Lima, Ohio for high performance and automotive. We wish him success in all of his future endeavors. Once again, we will be having our annual Landowner and Volunteer Appreciation Picnic on Saturday, Sept. 3 at the Thompson Hill Campground in Topsham. It was well received last year and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there again. Be sure to check our Facebook page for event dates, work days, and times. Matthew Powers, President Like us on Facebook Kyle Pittman receives his Topsham Ridgerunners scholarship, presented by Cheryl Eggleston. Country Riders As we ended our 2016/2017 season, a great time was had by all at The East Side restaurant. Landowners were invited to thank them. Club members also attended and everyone left with a full tummy. ORLEANS COUNTY As we prepare for the 2017/2018 season, we are looking for volunteers to help. Bridge projects are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month. It would be awesome to see some younger people pitch in to help maintain our trails. You can go to Country Riders website or Facebook page for details as events are planned. We are excited to also announce the club will be purchasing a brand new groomer to replace the Mountain Cat. Hope everyone has a safe summer and fall and think snow! Kathleen DiCarlo, Activity Director Like us on Facebook Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club It is often said that snowmobiling is one of the best family sports to be involved in. Family being the key word, it strikes home when one of your snowmobiling family announces that they have breast cancer. Amy