2 | Snowmobile VERMONT VAST STAFF Executive Director Cindy Locke cindy@vtvast.org | Ext. 11 Trails Administrator Matt Tetreault matt@vtvast.org | Ext. 12 Media Manager Beth Godin beth@vtvast.org | Ext. 16 Finance and HR Manager Sheila Fenoff-Willett sheila@vtvast.org | Ext. 14 Trails Manager Shane Prisby shane@vtvast.org | Ext. 18 Office and Programs Manager Cyndy Carrier Jones cyndy@vtvast.org | Ext. 10 VAST OFFICERS President Tim Mills 802-234-5000 timmills1@myfairpoint.net Vice President Jeff Fay 802-238-2037 jfayvast@comcast.net Treasurer Tom Baltrus 802-464-8211 twbaltrus@gmail.com Secretary Jim Hill 802-343-4478 jh_builders@hotmail.com This being the 50th anniversary of VAST, I have spent considerable time looking back at the history of our association. I have also had the pleasure of meeting folks that have been a part of VAST since its beginning and throughout the many years. What affects me most is to see the commitment of so many to begin this amazing organization and solidify our future. I recently had some fun helping the Lamoille County Snowmobile Club plan the VAST 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting. They have some fun stuff happening that day, in addition to our regular membership meeting. We are hoping for record crowds, so we encourage folks that have not come in the past few years to really make an effort to attend. The VAST staff has been working very hard for you. There is much to do between working with the state and federal folks, working with legislators in the Vermont Statehouse, growing our marketing efforts to entice larger membership sales, working with clubs with trail issues, bridge and culvert work, equipment grants, updating our maps for printing and online, raising money to finish the LVRT with Snowmobile Vermont Magazine 26 Vast Lane, Barre, Vermont 05641 T 802- 229-0005 F 802- 223-4316 info@vtvast.org | vtvast.org Snowmobile VT Magazine (ISSN 2374-5630 is published five times: Fall (October), Early Winter (December), Winter (January), Late Winter (March) and Summer (August) by The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc, 26 Vast Lane, Barre VT 05641. Periodicals postage paid at Barre, VT and additional mailing offices POSTMASTER: Send ad- dress changes to: VAST, 26 Vast Lane, Barre VT 05641-4477 VAST Direction MAGAZINE CONTRIBUTORS Patty Companik, Dave Ladd, Mike Mutascio, Andrew Nemethy, Nancy Piette, Ed“Midge”Rosebrook, Dave Rouleau Snowmobile VERMONT VERMONT ASSOCIATION OF SNOW TRAVELERS By VAST Executive Director Cindy Locke a stronger partnership with the state of Vermont and much more. Our mission statement is, “It is our goal to provide a statewide snowmobile trails system second to none and to provide a quality snowmobiling experience to our members.” It is all of our responsibility to offer that, as well as find a balance of trails and services to the ratio of members that we have. As we are working hard here, we know that many of you are working hard as volunteers to maintain our amazing trail system, running your clubs in a proper fashion, promoting our sport and more. We applaud you! Thank you for your dedication to VAST. If you don’t volunteer, please reach out to your club to see how you can. We have volunteers from as far as New Jersey and Pennsylvania that come up to help their clubs on the weekends. We hope you would consider it too if you have not. There are not too many more days until the snow will fly again. Enjoy your summer. Fond Regards,