Summer 2017 | 11 The travelers also need to purchase fuel for their sleds and they also need fuel for their personal vehicles. With the out-of-staters coming to enjoy the snowmobiling season they need a place to stay. Many will stay at a lodge or rent a house to stay during their time here in Vermont. This helps Vermont’s economy because the more people that come and stay, the more money that is earned. The snowmobiling season also helps various snowmachine dealers/stores around the state. People who come to snowmachine need gear, parts for possible break downs and various accessories they could add to their sled. Snowmobiling doesn’t just help the economy by helping out the stores, it also helps by giving money directly to VAST. Each snowmachine needs a TMA to legally be able to ride in Vermont. When a TMA is purchased, the money from the TMA goes to VAST and in turn, these become funds that can be put back into the trail system, the clubs and to promote snowmobiling in Vermont. ©2017 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved. Product and specifications subject to change without notice. Professional rider on closed course under controlled conditions. Always wear an approved helmet, eye protection and protective clothing.Ride responsibly and always ride within your capabilities,allowing time and distance for maneuvering,and respect others around you.Know the conditions.Observe all state and local laws.Don’t drink and ride. YAMAHA-SNOWMOBILES.COM RONNIE’S CYCLE SALES OF BENNINGTON 2601 WEST ROAD BENNINGTON, VT RONNIESBENNINGTON.COM ALL AROUND POWER 1746 MEMORIAL DR SAINT JOHNSBURY, VT ALLAROUNDPOWER.COM FRANK’S MOTORCYCLE SALES & SERVICE 120 CENTER RD ESSEX JUNCTION, VT FRANKSMOTORCYCLESALES.COM Visit your nearest Yamaha dealer today. For more Yamaha dealers, visit When Yamaha launched the Sidewinder with the Genesis 998T, riders of all stripes instantly fell in love with the sheer amount and quality of the power. But not everyone has the same riding terrain, and track lengths differ depending on your region.That’s why, for 2018,Yamaha is offering 17 Sidewinder models with various track lengths and features to fit your particular riding style. Yamaha’s 2018 Sidewinders are some of the most powerful and best performing production snowmobiles anyone can own. ///2018SIDEWINDER MODELS Alex Desjardin’s essay: Having been on a snowmobile since the age of three, riding passenger with my father, and eventually graduating the the privilege of driving my own machine at the age of ten under his supervision, I have come to eat, sleep, and breathe snowmobiling. Me and my family are lucky enough to share a camp with my uncle and his family in the town of Lunenburg, Vt. Soon after, we became members of the Lunenburg Polar Bears and became as active as possible in meetings and events, even though we live out of state. Combining our two family’s we have a total of ten snowmobiles registered with the club and VAST. There are many local businesses that are ecstatic to see us pull up in front, such as The Lunenburg Store, or TJ’s Truck Stop in Lancaster NH. These places love the multi hundred dollar fuel stops. We’ve gotten to know the workers on a first name basis. Or again, when we go out for a ride and stop to have a meal at our favorite restaurant; The Chez Pigeon, Parker Pie, or the many others I could list. You see, I have come to know that these businesses rely on snowmobile traffic. In winter, these small no name towns become filled with the thousands enjoying the great trails of the NEK. The winter is the busy time. When there is a poor winter with limited riding, like last winter, the businesses take a huge hit. When you take the snowmobilers out of the equation, businesses will struggle to make ends meet. Take a restaurant VAST News