Summer 2017 | 1 Table of Contents Summer 2017 Features 14 Back In The Day A Vermont family’s fun with snowmobiles in the late 1960s 16 Snow Sage Amos Colby Amos Colby spearheaded some of the very first snowmobile-friendly legislation in Vermont 18 1967: The Beginning Pages from VAST’s first member newsletter 20 Bill & Mitzi Oakes “Father & Mother VAST”to our organization 23 VAST Memories Mitzi Oakes, Corky Lawson, Amos Colby and Howard Curtis share some personal memories from VAST’s history 26 VAST In The 60s A historical accounting of VAST’s first few years 44 Windsor County Snowmobile Club County clubs do much more for your local snowmobile club than you know! Departments 2 Executive Director’s Message 3 VAST News 4 Letters 5 President’s Message 6 Vice President’s Message 10 Snow Angels 13 Trailblazers’Corner 28 Trails Report 30 Club News 47-49 Dining, Real Estate, Lodging & Marketplace On The Cover: The Piette children have many memories of snowmobiling in the late 1960s on their family farm in Irasburg. (Photo courtesy Nancy Piette) 23 14 26 Snowmobile VERMONT VERMONT ASSOCIATION OF SNOW TRAVELERS