26 | Snowmobile VERMONT In early 1967, the first snowmobile club in Chittenden county was formed, namely the Green Mountian Sno-Cats of Colchester. At one of its first meetings, the newly elected president of the club, Mr. Bill Oakes of South Burlington mentioned the need of an all-encompassing association to protect the future of snowmobiling in Vermont. And, it was from this small beginning that a group of avid snowmobilers began to form and mold as the yet unnamed Vermont Snowmobile Association. The southern part of Vermont was virtually without represe lack of knowledge about snowmobilers in that area. The first year of VAST’s existence was devoted to snowmobil Many hours were spent informing snowmobilers throughout upcoming legislation and through VAST’s endless work, the favorable to snowmobiling in Vermont. VAST had been heard In the spring of 1968, the first Annual Meeting of VAST was Johnsbury. At this meeting, of which about 50 members atten recorded that VAST had 600 members and about 20 clubs. Th $2.96 in the red. The same slate of officers were re-elected, but from 25 cents to 50 cents per member, a hotly disputed decisio VAST in the About 14 persons gave much of their summer that year to the forming of the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, as the fledgling group was named. Who were these persons? They were Ray and Marilyn White of Colchester, Roger and Donna Ringuette of Essex Junction, Jamie and Betty Jacobs of Colchester, George Kries of Montpelier, Paul Jackson of Caanan, Bill and Mitzi Oakes of South Burlington and Amos Colby of Lunenburg. This small group went to work contacting dealers and compiling names of snowmobilers in Vermont and in June of 1967 a pre-organizational meeting was held at Bolton Valley Inn. About 85 snowmobilers attended this meeting. It was at this meeting that Amos Colby informed Vermont of an upcoming piece of “snowmobile legislation” and it was at this meeting that snowmobilers of Vermont saw the need of a unified state association, and so VAST was on its way. In the fall of 1967, the first meeting of VAST was held in Colchester and officers were elected. They were: Wayne Flynn of Derby, president; Bill Oakes, vice president; Marilyn White of Colchester, secretary; Mitzi Oakes, of South Burlington, treasurer. In addition, six directors were elected. They were: Ray White of Colchester, Gil Long of St. Johnsbury, Herb Benoit of St. Johnsbury, George Kreis of Montpelier and Lloyd Church of Middlebury. 60s This article was located in VAST archives and is believed to have been written in the mid-1970s. The author is unknown.