40 | Snowmobile VERMONT the “sand pit” area near West Lake, the new Mount Snow snowmaking pond. We’ll be out later this summer putting up the new bridge signs and debrushing some of the trails. Thanks again to all of the landowners. We can’t do what we love without you. See you this fall. #makethetrailsgreatagain Brian Harty, President dvsj.com Like us on Facebook The Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers held their Landowner Appreciation Dinner at the Roadhouse in Wilmington on June 10. Derry Sled Dogs The Derry Sled Dogs is one of the smallest snowmobile clubs in Vermont and has the oldest groomer in use in the VAST system. We maintain 29 miles of trails with the help of five or six people. We are desperately seeking more participation from club members, especially during the summer months when we are clearing and fixing trails and bridges. We are planning two work weekends this summer. The first one will be Aug. 26-27. The second will be announced later. Did you know that 90 percent of our trails are in the National Forest? Come and spend a weekend in our area and check out the beautiful Green Mountain National Forest in Londonderry and surrounding areas. There are several wonderful hotels and campgrounds around the area. The Swiss Inn in Londonderry offers a 10 percent discount if you book online, and is very convenient to all our trails. We will do a potluck cookout for all volunteers after a work weekend. More details will be provided to those who RSVP. If you would like to join us, please contact us at derrysleddogs@gmail.com. Be sure to leave a name, email address and the best phone number to reach you. We will work on the trails rain or shine unless severe weather is predicted. If that happens, we will notify everyone on Friday. A very special thanks goes out to Drew Frasier, Mike Doane, Mick Arace and Jon Foster for all their hard work on grooming, and an extra big thanks to Kenny Johnson for all he does for our club. Samantha Vertefeuille, Secretary sites.google.com/view/derrysleddogsvt Like us on Facebook Jacksonville E-Z Riders With all the rain over the last three months, summer is like Seattle in southern Vermont. Things have been somewhat quiet, but our vice president has been hard at work at our groomer shack making needed repairs along with ongoing projects in the shop. We are very thankful that this past season our repairs were at a minimum and the winter tasks ran very smoothly. We are happy to announce that all our existing officers were re-elected and will once again be doing the work that must be done along, with all our hard-working volunteers. Our pancake breakfast during the Whitingham Maple Sugar Festival was a huge success for the club and also all that attended. We also were honored once again with the pleasure of serving our landowners to a fun filled landowners’ dinner. This task each year is a chance for our club to give back just a little and show our appreciation for the miles of smiles their land use gives us all. Eighty percent of the 4,700-mile statewide trail system in Vermont is on private property. The Jacksonville E-Z Riders Snowmobile Club has over 80 wonderful landowners. The generosity of these landowners, and thousands more around the state make up the VAST trail system. Without all of them, there would be no trail system for snowmobile enthusiasts in Vermont. So once again we say, “Thank you!” The 2017/18 season is just 161 days away as this club news is being typed. A repeat of the snow we received last season and a little more would be great. We are looking forward to being open on the opening day of the season as we were able to last year. Our work parties will be posted in the fall on our website and Facebook page and we look forward to seeing you out on the trails to help us all maintain our trail system. Monthly club meetings will be resuming in the fall as well. Once again we look forward to our posted club rides and another amazing day at SNOW FEST 2018. Last year’s event was fun for all that attended and Mother Nature gave us just perfect weather for the event and ride-in. If you are looking for a snowmobile club where your voice and efforts help make a difference, then come join the Jacksonville E-Z Riders Snowmobile Club for some winter and year-round fun. An E-Z Rider ezriders.org Like us on Facebook The Jacksonville E-Z Riders offered a tasty and meaningful dessert at their landowner dinner.