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Many of these volunteers were members from out-of-state. During our snowmobile safety classes we always stress that everyone should consider volunteering to work on trail maintenance. It’s very rewarding to ride on a trail after you have worked on it and it’s a great opportunity to meet and interact with other snowmobile members. Special thanks to Dick Jewett who precuts and marks all the lumber for these bridge projects. Railings and treads are all marked and ready for efficient installation. After our October bridge build, we all headed to Cavendish to attend their pig roast. This annual event is to help them raise funds to build a groomer garage and we are proud to support our neighboring clubs. Aside from our official work days, local members have been forming their own work parties going out and Club News debrushing various sections of our trail system. We are scheduling many fun events for this season. In February we will hold our Valentine Day bonfire and our Annual Poker run. In March, a ham and bean ride-in and a pig roast are scheduled. Watch our website and Facebook for details of these and other news about what we are planning As you head out to ride, please be safe, obey trail signs and respect our landowners. Hope Santa brings everyone snow for Christmas. Joan Choiniere, Club Secretary Like us on Facebook A presidential gathering: Stan Choiniere (Chester), Joe Marini (Cavendish), John Murphy (Ludlow) and Jeff Strong (Weathersfield). Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers We’re back! You may have noticed that our news has been missing from the last two publications of this magazine. There was a little mix-up at VAST and the Side Hill Croncher news didn’t get printed, but now we’re back. I’ll just summarize what’s been going on the past few months to get you caught up. We’ve been pretty busy! On June 25 we held a beach party at Plymouth State Park to thank our members for supporting us last winter. We know they didn’t get to ride much last year, if at all, so we wanted to give them a little treat. Turnout was great with about 50 people and the weather could not be beat. We also co-hosted a couple of delicious chicken BBQ fundraisers with the Weathersfield Pathfinders on July 2 and on July 30. Our summer events went very well. No one left any of the events hungry and it looked like all had a good time. We are very appreciative of your membership and support and for the cross-club comradery. In preparation for the season, we held a couple of trail work days in October which went very well. A lot was accomplished and it was even fun. Aside from the trail work days, other members were busy getting our groomer ready and TMAs out, stocking the Hut and keeping everything else together. Thank you all for making a difference! Nov. 8 we hosted the Windsor County Snowmobile Club meeting at the Ludlow American Legion and hosted a nice dinner for everyone. TMA forms to existing members were mailed at the end of October. If you didn’t get one or need a new copy, you can get a form from our website and mail them in. We also truly appreciate the following Ludlow locations for helping us to sell TMAs: NAPA, Benson’s Chevrolet, Ludlow Insurance and The Ludlow Country Store. Pop by one of those locations and they can help you out. On Saturday, Nov. 19 we held a Landowners Dinner at the Chop House in Ludlow. It went so well last year, we decided to do it again. Our landowners are critical to our system, and we certainly always need to remember that. It is important to us to show gratitude and to give back when we can. Without them, there would be no trails. We are happy so many people turned out. Dec. 10 we held a safety course and holiday Christmas party. Our students did fabulously and our gracious hosts, Tim and Michelle Doyle, really know how to throw a fantastic party! Thank you so much for attending and/or volunteering! Remember the Warming Hut if you’re cold on the trails. It’s on North Hill at the intersection of VAST Corridor Trails 127A and 127B (WR-82) and is stocked with free hot cocoa and has a woodstove. Our website and our Facebook page will let you know if