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I’m really hoping we have a winter with cold weather and a lot of snow so we can get out there and enjoy all of our hard work. Happy trails to all! Steve Dalpe, Vice President North Country Mountaineers Corridor 14 trail reroute on Coventry Station Road in Coventry. Orleans Snowstormers We are rapidly approaching the start of another snowmobile season. By the time you read this, hopefully the ground will be white. We have been busy preparing our trail for the upcoming season. We have a couple of small trail changes on our system. The OS-10 junction has moved along with a section of VAST Corridor 16 which will follow the edge of a farmer’s field. This is to help reduce the winter kill associated with the snowmobile trail. Please stay on the marked trail, since we don’t want to lose the use of this trail. The location of OS 12 has also moved and a relocation of VAST Corridor 58, west of this junction to the bridge across the Barton River in Orleans. There is a section of “roller coaster” hills in one field, so pay attention to all slow and blind hill signs. Most importantly, stay on your side of the trail. As always, please respect our landowners by staying on the marked trails and obey all signs. Remember that we provide trash barrels at our junctions, please use these and don’t just throw it anywhere. TMAs and club memberships will be available at Bob’s Quick Stop in Irasburg or from our secretary. Call 802-334-6179 or email gramg7@live. com for an appointment. We are very flexible and can serve your TMA and club membership needs. The secretary is also a VAST registration agent and can help you with your Vermont registration needs. As always, TMA and club membership information is located on our website where you can download forms and mail your applications. Turnaround time is less than 10 days, providing all needed information has been properly submitted including the required copy of your current registration. Our monthly club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Rodrigue’s residence. We invite all members to attend and you can call or email if you need directions. We are seeking people to fill important positions to keep our club solvent for the future. As always, ride right, ride safe and enjoy the wonderful winter in the Northeast Kingdom. See you on the trails! Gloria Rodrigue, Secretary RUTLAND COUNTY Chittenden Dammers Well folks, the time is here to get those sleds out and have some fun. The weather pattern is looking good and we are moving towards a great riding season. We’re going to be riding any day now. The trail crew has been hard at work getting things buffed out and ready to “Ride Smooth.” A big thank you to Paul Racine and company for a superior effort. Speaking of thanks, a big one goes to Rob Kulig of A&J Auto for their donation of fluids for the groomer. See A&J Auto for all your auto parts needs, located across from the post office in downtown Rutland. If you haven’t already done so, get your TMAs. As you may know, they are available online through our website, at Central Vermont Motorcycles or at the Wooden Barrel in downtown Chittenden. If you purchase from the Barrel, they only accept checks. Any questions or problems obtaining a Chittenden Dammers membership and TMA, call 802-353 0789. Thank you to all for your continued support of the Chittenden Dammers. We strive to make your snowmobiling experience great. Our November meeting was well attended and it is great to see some new energy on board. Our meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Mountain Top Inn tavern. Hope to see you there. Stop in early and enjoy some great food with full bar available. Think Snow! Charlie Robbins, Treasurer Like us on Facebook Mount Holly Snow-Flyers With winter fast approaching, the Mount Holly Snow-Flyers have put last year’s dismal season behind us and are optimistic for a great 2017 season! We have been very busy with trail work lately and they are looking good. All they need is snow! On Columbus weekend, we had an amazing turnout for trail work volunteers! We got several miles of brush overgrowth cleared. We also