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The CCC road is going to be plowed to the Tinker Brook area from North Shrewsbury to east of RD 67 on Corridor 4 as it was last year. That job is a one-man operation, so we are not sure if it will be finished this year. By the time you read this I hope to have snow enough so that we will be out with our Tucker getting the trails groomed up! There is a chance of snow flurries tonight. Our club wants to thank everyone that joins VAST every year, whether it is a snow-filled winter or not. It is that type of dedication that keeps VAST strong! Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Ride Safely and Ride Right! Roy Arthur, Vice President/Trailmaster Like us on Facebook Tweed Valley Travelers It is that time of year when all projects should be finished. Even though the Iron Mine Bridge project had to be postponed until next year, we were lucky enough to complete the rest of the items on our to do list. We were able to finish “Robertson’s Bridge” earlier this fall. Almost all of our trails have been checked for any issues that could possibly arise before the trails open and the groomer heads out. Brush hogging and cleaning up of any blown down trees has also been done. Our groomer has been up to GetSno for services. Now that it is finished, it is ready to start grooming. Due to last minute trail closures the club would like to notify riders that there will be a new trail through the Pittsfield Valley for Gas and Food services. This trail will have a time restriction. The club will notify the specific times at a later date. The club would also like to inform everyone that TMAs are available at the Swiss Farm Market (formerly the Pitt-stop). Hope to see you out there soon! Ally Martin, Club News Correspondent Like us on Facebook WASHINGTON COUNTY Sno-Bees of Barre Hopefully, by the time you are reading this there should be a nice blanket of white stuff on the ground. I think at this point we are pretty much ready for the white stuff to fall. We have some signs to still put up and some other odds and ends to finish and we should be ready to go. Thanks to Pat Reed and Bennett Stone, the trail support sign has been rebuilt and was delivered and installed at WN94. We have told our sponsors that because of the “winter that wasn’t” that we would not ask for payment this year. To our surprise, some have sent donations anyway and we thank them for that and will put the money to good use. Our dinner raffle was held Dec. 2 so by the time this is out we will have had a winner and would like to thank all the people that supported the raffle. Special thanks to Cory Laferriere and Adam Spaulding for chairing the raffle and making it a success. We are starting to see some new faces get involved in the club, which is a great. The more the people we Barre Town Thunder Chickens This past fall was a busy time for the Thunder Chicken volunteers as we wrapped up a couple of reroutes, performed our trail set up and fine- tuned some other changes to our trail network. With our crew of seasoned volunteers and new help, things were in good shape allowing them to venture off to hunting camp without having to worry about last minute details and pounding stakes into frozen ground.  In addition to the trail set up and touching base with our landowners for permission, October was a busy time as we reach out to ticket holders in our annual raffle. This year we hosted our 34th annual event and again enjoyed a great meal at the Canadian Club. Paul Simoneau was the lucky overall winner with his ball outlasting 104 others, leaving his #10 to be the last one standing.  Paul took home $4,000 and the club was able to raise over $6,000 to help us in our efforts to provide our portion of the VAST trail network. Many thanks to the ticket holders for supporting our club as well as Bond Auto and  Allen Lumber helping us out with prizes. With the trails in good shape, we are in a waiting pattern for the opening day to arrive.  We’ll be hosting a safety course on Saturday Dec. 3rd at Barre Town School. Information can be found on our website or within the VAST safety course offerings. We are also underway with planning the 17th Annual Travis Mercy Memorial Skate Park fundraiser on Feb. 4 with a similar format as in the past. Details will be added to our website event page as we finalize them. We are also talking about organizing club rides to support the VAST Military appreciation event in Morrisville, and other such events hosted by clubs in our region. Follow us on Facebook or join our club meetings to help us plan or learn details of what we have going on.   See you on the trails! David Rouleau, President Like us on Facebook