Green Mountain Roamers (Waterbury) - Trail Map & Conditions

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Vermont Association of Snow Travelers is pleased to provide a mobile app version of our official Trails Map.

Our free app features our entire statewide trail network and junctions, along with parking locations and services accessible by trail. We make it easy to find where to eat, get gas, parts and repairs, or stay the night. 

Tap a trail or junction pin for more information on junction or trail number as well as contact information for the club responsible for maintenance of each trail section. Tap a service pin to see its category; display the map legend if needed, found by tapping Preferences. 

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Trail status and conditions can change at a moment’s notice so please use this tool to aid you in your travels but do not depend solely upon it.

Disclaimer: V.A.S.T. cannot guarantee the accuracy of the trail locations nor we assume responsibility for the condition of the trails depicted in the app. Please use caution and common sense at all times when riding. Follow posted signs on the trails at all times.

DISCLAIMER: Trail Condition information on this website is submitted by volunteers and is designed to provide a general overview of trail conditions in a particular area. Trail routes and trail conditions are subject to change at any time due to unexpected trail closures, logging operations, weather related events and other unforeseen circumstances. Please exercise common sense and ride responsibly when you are out on the trails. Safety is everyone’s responsibility!