Governor's Snowmobile Advisory Council

Vermont Governor’s Snowmobile Advisory Council (VGSAC)

Meets monthly on the first Wed of the month at the VAST office at 3pm.

Link to State Statute

Those that regularly participate in monthly meetings:
5 General Appointments by the Governor
Chair: Pat Poulin
Regional Representatives: Dick Jewett, Ken Gammell, Vacant, Star Poulin (missing Southern VT rep at this time)
State Representative Appointments
Vermont Senate: Jane Kitchel
Vermont House: Brian Smith
Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife: Lt. Sean Fowler
Vermont State Police: Sergeant Trevor Carbo
Vermont Sheriff’s Association: Sheriff Trevor Colby
Southern Vermont Taskforce (Chief of Policy Association): Paul Doucette
Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles: Mike Smith and Shannon Fassett
Vermont Forest Parks and Recreation: Vacant
Cindy Locke, Executive Director
Matt Tetreault, Trails Administrator
Ken Brown, Trails Manager and LVRT Project Manager
Gary Nolan, VAST Multi-Use trail Committee Representative
This is a very active council. Topics around safety and law enforcement are discussed and possible legislative changes are often proposed regarding safety. In addition, the council oversees a budget made up of money received from the State of Vermont from the gas tax, fines and penalties and from snowmobile registrations. This is a budget of a little under half a million dollars a year.
Expenses include, but are not limited to snowmobile trail signs, law enforcement patrol, law enforcement equipment grants, VAST equipment grants (groomers), trail mapping and safety education.

Meeting Minutes

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