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Trails are now closed for the season!

The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers would like to thank the generous landowners throughout the state, the VAST volunteers, and the membership for supporting recreation in Vermont again in 2021.



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Vermont Association of Snow Travelers is pleased to provide a mobile app version of our official Trails Map.

Our free app features our entire statewide trail network and junctions, along with parking locations and services accessible by trail. We make it easy to find where to eat, get gas, parts and repairs, or stay the night. 

Tap a trail or junction pin for more information on junction or trail number as well as contact information for the club responsible for maintenance of each trail section. Tap a service pin to see its category; display the map legend if needed, found by tapping Preferences. 

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Trail status and conditions can change at a moment’s notice so please use this tool to aid you in your travels but do not depend solely upon it.

Disclaimer: V.A.S.T. cannot guarantee the accuracy of the trail locations nor we assume responsibility for the condition of the trails depicted in the app. Please use caution and common sense at all times when riding. Follow posted signs on the trails at all times.

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2020-2021 Trail Closures & Alerts
(please turn off the conditions layer to see black trails on above map for anticipated season-long closures.

Bridport-The secondary trail to the Addison 4 Corners Store is closed

Dorset/Peru-Corridor 7F2 between BN 50 & BN 55 is closed due to bridges being out. (Mad Tom Trail)

GMNF-There are multiple logging operations taking place in the southern half of the Green Mountain National Forest in the Winhall area.  Use caution and obey signage, watching for shared sections of road.

St Johnsbury-Corridor 2/5 is closed between CA 100, CA 48 and CA 47

Burke-Corridor 315A between EX 526 and EX 527 is closed

Burke-Corridor 315 between EX 527 and EX 528 is closed 


Jericho/Richmond-Corridor 2 between CN 23, CN 26 to WN 78 (Bolton Valley Access Road) is closed

East Haven-Corridor 1A between EX 521-EX 522 is closed due to logging

East Haven-Corridor 1 between EX 522 and EX 523 is closed due to logging

Norton/Averill-Corridor 105 between EX 10 and EX 8 (Brousseau Mtn Trail) is closed due to logging. Jackson Road will be used to connect the trail for this season.

Averill-Corridor 97A between EX 105 and EX 104 is closed due to logging.

Averill-Corridor 97 between EX 10 and EX104 is closed due to logging.

Averill-Corridor 97 between EX 104 and EX 102 is closed due to logging.

Averill/Lemington-Corridor 97 between EX 102 and EX 502 is closed due to logging.

Canaan-Corridor 103 is closed between EX 503 and the NH Border.

Norton-Corridor 105A between EX 16 and EX 151 is closed

Norton-Corridor 105A between EX 15 and the Canadian Border is closed.

Highgate-Corridor 207 is closed between FN 12 and the Canadian Border Crossing at Morses Line

Franklin-Corridor 235 is  closed between FN 12 and FN 17.

Franklin-Corridor 120 between FN 17 and FN 29 is currently closed.

Montgomery-Corridor 105 is closed between FN 2 and OS 62


Derby Line-Corridor 105D between OS 0 and the Canadian Border is closed.


Waterbury-Corridor 2 between CN 23, CN 26 to WN 78 (Bolton Valley Access Road) is closed.

Waterbury-Corridor 100 between WN 59 and WN 65 is closed.  The Waterbury Suspension Bridge is closed

Cabot-Corridor 232 between WN 82 and WN 100 is closed (Connection from Cabot Store to Walden and Hardwick area).

Montpelier-Corridor 2 (Pearl Street Motors/Gould Hill Road) between intersections WN 21 & WN 27 (in Montpelier) is closed.  The suspension bridge across the Winooski River has been removed.


Corridor 4 between RD 67 and WR 77 is closed.


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