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It's been a great run, but at this time all trails are now closed for the season!

VAST would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the gracious landowners who open their lands for snowmobiling once again this winter, the volunteers who spent countless hours away from their families maintaining the trails, and the members who supported VAST this year and enjoyed Vermont’s beauty from the seat of a snowmobile.  Thanks to all of you for your part in making 2018 a great year to snowmobile in Vermont.

Please have a safe and enjoyable off season!


Vermont Association of Snow Travelers is pleased to provide our new, no reception needed, mobile version of our official Trails Map, updated for the 2015-2016 season.

Our free app features our entire statewide trail network and junctions, along with parking locations and services accessible by trail. We make it easy to find where to eat, get gas, parts and repairs, or stay the night. 

Tap a trail or junction pin for more information on junction or trail number as well as contact information for the club responsible for maintenance of each trail section. Tap a service pin to see its category; display the map legend if needed, found by tapping Preferences. 

Going to an unfamiliar area? Enable GPS on your phone and never get lost! No need to try to figure out where you are, your phone app will show you relative to the trails, junctions and towns, with or without reception! Don't miss out on all these features: 

  • NEW! cloud backup/restore of routes and waypoints
  • app centers on your current location
  • corridor, corridor 4, secondary and commerce trail coverage
  • display current satellite GPS location
  • display all trail data, parking and services without reception
  • choice of street view or hybrid satellite view
  • display the current radar, with reception
  • GPS breadcrumb tracking, just tap the compass to start and stop
  • mark and save favorite spots as waypoints
  • import routes created in the web map

REMEMBER: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Please be prepared.

Trail status and conditions can change at a moment’s notice so please use this tool to aid you in your travels but do not depend solely upon it.

Disclaimer: V.A.S.T. and Mohawk Valley GIS (app developers) cannot guarantee the accuracy of the trail locations nor can V.A.S.T. and Mohawk Valley assume responsibility for the condition of the trails depicted in the app. Please use caution and common sense at all times when riding. Follow posted signs on the trails at all times.

Download Android Version

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 Below is a list of trail closures. If a trail is not listed on it, does not mean it is open, again, check out all trail maps and club updates.






 Secondary-Mystery Cabin Trail-Parallel to Corridor 7 along Deerfield River-Southern end

 Corridor 7F2-Cobb Bacon Trail-BN 18 to Route 7

 Corridor 7F2- Devils Den Trail-RD 88 to RD 86 as well as connecting trails-Moses Pond Secondary Trail and Cemetery Run


Shared with Logging Operations: Corridor 7F2-Mad Tom Notch Trail & Parking Area

Corridor 7- Bromley Brook Trail/Long Trail/AT Parking Area/Route 11 and BN 50




 Corridor 51-CA 38 to CA 74.  (Hopefully a relocation around the problem area can be found!)



 Closed:  Corridor 2-CN 23 to WN 78




 Corridor 106-East Branch Road is closed.

 Corridor 3-Yellow Bucket Trail-EX 213 to EX 524


 Shared with Logging Operations: 

 Corridor 105-EX 105 to EX 7

 Corridor 1-Radar Road-EX 522

 Corridor 98-Maidstone Lake Road/Paul Stream Road-EX 55 to EX 491

 Corridor 102-Canal Road-EX 171 to EX 174 to EX 501



 Alert:  Corridor 207-Trail will not be groomed beyond Highgate School.


Grand Isle:




The trail between  LE 25 & LE 22 is open on weekends only due to a logging operation.  The trail is closed to traffic during the week when logging is taking place.



 Closed:  Corridor 132-OE 6 to OE 1

There is no Gas in Chelsea even though it shows that there is on the map!




 Corridor 105-OS 1 to OS 8

 Corridor 120B-OS 23 to OS 69 to OS 20



 Shared with logging operation:  Corridor 7-RD 74 to RD 18




Corridor 2-WN 21 to Route 12 (Pearl Street Motors)  Suspension Bridge Out

Corridor 100- WN 67 to WN 65 to WN 66 (Winooski Wonder Suspension Bridge) is closed.  Flooding and ice damaged the bridge and left large ice chunks in the fields surrounding the bridge.  Gates are closed on the bridge until further notice.  Seek alternate routes around.






Corridor 12 between intersections WN 63 and WN 61 is closed!  Please adhere to closed gates and Trail Closed signs.  You can still access Ramunto's Pizza from the south (WR 65)


You can also check trail conditions on the map above, which is updated directly by the clubs.

Please check back as we start this exciting new year of snowmobiling in Vermont, and don’t forget to purchase your Early Bird TMAs by December 15!


See you on the trails!

For detailed trail condition information, including the date last groomed and trail section notes, please see your club’s trails page by going to the  “Clubs” link above. Choose your club and then navigate to “Trail Map & Conditions”

DISCLAIMER: Trail Condition information on this website is submitted by volunteers and is designed to provide a general overview of trail conditions in a particular area. Trail routes and trail conditions are subject to change at any time due to unexpected trail closures, logging operations, weather related events and other unforeseen circumstances. Please exercise common sense and ride responsibly when you are out on the trails. Safety is everyone’s responsibility!


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