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Annual Meeting and Report

Download a PDF of the FY 2020 Annual Report


53rd Annual Meeting

September 12, Farr's Field, Waterbury, VT

The VAST Annual Meeting will take place in Waterbury, Vermont on 9/12/20. We will have limited capacity in a large tent and a way for folks to stay in their cars and tune into the presentation using an FM radio. Voting will be available in the tent and in your auto. A bag lunch will be provided. All Vermont COVID-19 Rules will apply.

This year due to COVID-19 and the restrictions that Vermont has in place, there will only be the annual meeting itself. There will not be vendors, groomers, raffles, silent auction, etc. There will be strict guidelines in place. No one is allowed in the tent unless they have a mask on properly and agree to sign-in for contact tracing, and also agree to the six-foot physical distancing.

If anyone cannot wear a mask, or if anyone refuses to wear one, you can stay in your car to listen to the meeting and we will have folks come around to collect questions or votes. Socializing will not be allowed; without the precautions the state has outlined to allow us to hold this meeting. Anyone refusing to follow those guidelines may be asked to leave.

Annual Meeting 2020: 9/12/20. Registration will be from 10am-11:30am. Pre meeting and a bag lunch and water from 11am-12pm. Awards at 12:15pm. Annual Meeting begins at 12:30pm.





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