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Winter 2016 71 small handful of folks like the ones mentioned above. This can be very taxing on the group and is why new volunteers can make a huge difference in the workload. In the last few years that core group has now received some needed help. On one beautiful fall day back in 2013 the stars aligned and several more helping hands showed up for the days work. That chance meeting of several helpful continuous volunteers has allowed our club to handle many new and ongoing tasks. With the combined efforts of existing and new members we have been able to handle the workload with less individual effort. Many volunteers travel long distances to make it to meetings and work parties. The work that new local club members do is needed year-round. One key ingredient to this combined club success is that we also take time to ride together laugh together and enjoy the camaraderie and pride of what we accomplish. There is great satisfaction when our riders complement our wonderful trails. A special thanks to Ray Craig Helena Jacqueline George Roger Trevor Troy Will. WHATS NEW The 2016 season brings many new changes to our club and trail system. With two major reroutes behind us and on- going bridge maintenance to be done on our 66 bridges we found time with the additional help to embark on several needed new projects. The new club website will keep you up-to-date with not only our club but helpful snowmobile information and events. Our re-signing project is well underway with the addition of our four new intersection signs and needed direction signs added as well. Our Picture of the Week contest allows anyone to submit pictures while riding our trails and once a month a winner will be picked and a nice prize awarded from one of our local businesses. Our new park and ride lot on Route 112 was added along with a complete overhaul of our two drag sleds. And lastly our very big announcement of adding our new annual club event The E-Z Riders Snow Fest and Rae on Feb. 20 to earn money for the club and this year the local food bank. SNOW FEST E-Z Riders snowmobile club will have our first annual Snow Fest event on Feb. 20 in Whitingham at the historic Amos Brown house and barns on 30 beautiful sprawling acres. It is a winter fun fest and charity ride-in with delicious food sponsored events and products that will promote the club. We will also be collecting donations for our local food bank.You can ride in drive in or trailer in to the event. Our wonderful local and out-of-town sponsors have helped make this event possible. Several activities will be available. Take a demo ride on 2016 Polaris snowmobiles enter to win great prizes at our snow games enter a huge club rae including prizes like Yankee vs Redsox tickets ski and stay packages at Mount Snow flat screen TV and a host of other great rae prizes To keep you entertained live local music and great food will also be offered. The rae can be entered online. Check out our advertisment in this issue of Snowmobile Vermont magazine for more information about the festival or visit our website at We would also like to thank all our sponsors for helping us make this possible and a special thanks to Landmarktrust USA for all their help and Southside Sales for helping provide part of the fun factor. MOVING FORWARD As our club moves into the future it is not without great appreciation of past and present members and volunteers that have made it all possible. Without the gracious gift of the use of our landowners property the magical sport of snowmobiling adventures memories and friends made would not be possible. We want to continue the wonderful relationship we have with them and continue to improve our trail system. About The Author This article may have been typed by one person but the collaboration of the article was a group club effort. Featured Club Jackie Bemis President and Marylee Putnam Treasurer always find time to manage our club needs between work and family and have for years. With a core group of volunteers keeping up with 66 bridges is possible. Ray Carl Mike Rodger and Sheldon always seem to find the time. Many thanks to all our volunteers that spend countless hours on club trail work.