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58 Snowmobile VERMONT NEW CHEF OWNED STEAKHOUSE AND SPORTS BAR Corridor 4 Trail 7F4 at the end of Rootville Road Vermont-chef-of-the-year awarded by the ACF 16 state-of-the-art WINE taps VT brews Fresh salad bar included with dinner entrees Signature cocktails award-winning wine list A large Den with 4 BIG screen t.v.s Stone fireplace with a cozy casual atmosphere Late night menu on Friday and Saturday past 1000 Plenty of hotels reachable by sled for overnights OPEN 7 DAYSWEEK for lunch dinner for a complete menu events 802-768-8779 1844 Depot st. manchester vt 05255 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K RavensVASTb.pdf 1 10215 927 AM Club News done ditch work and completed bridge work for the season. We just need another 8-10 of white gold to be able to enjoy the results of the hours of hard work put in to get the trails ready. Work on the bridge at intersection of OE95 was done in November. Flooding from the spring had scoured the abutment on one side and caused the end of the bridge to drop some. More stone was placed under it. Concrete blocks were placed on that new fill and the end of the bridge was jacked and shored up. The deck had new 4x4 beams secured to the top to help distribute the load better as the groomer goes over it. The overhangs are rusting away so we are hoping to get funding from VAST to replace it next year. The club also replaced the bridge on trail 25 just after Hart Hollow Road between intersections of OE89 and OE92 earlier this fall and did a great job. It is a big improvement over the previous one. The club held its first annual Vintage ORLEANS COUNTY Country Riders Snowmobile Club After have a very productive pre- season this year we are excited to announce the rebuilding of 10 bridges and three reroutes. With the hard work of our enthusiastic club members we were able to complete our work in record time each project Country Riders barbecued during their Rickford Mountain bridge rebuild. Snowmobile Rally on Jan. 9. We had a great turnout with around 58 vintage trail and race sleds. We estimate there were over 150 people who visited and enjoyed the rally. Food beverages and merchandise was also sold during the day. We are planning to make this an annual event so keep that weekend open on your calendar for next year. Our annual rae was held on Jan. 23 this year at the Elks club in Barre. We want to thank all those who purchased rae tickets. Without you it would make it much more of a financial challenge to operate the club and provide the level of great trail conditions that riders want. We also want to say Thank You to over 60 landowners who so graciously let us put trails across their land. Without you there would not be the great sport of snowmobiling that we love enjoy. Do your snow dances and hopefully in a couple weeks we will be enjoying all the great trails. Jim Wild Like us on Facebook