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24 Snowmobile VERMONT Rick Yuris grew up in Wallingford Connecticut and in 2000 he purchased land and built a home in Ludlow Vermont. Since retiring both he and Cindy his wife of 18 years spend most of their winter there. It didnt take long until he was very involved in the local snowmobile clubthe Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers. Neither Cindy nor Rick Yuris ride anymore. They are sledless but that doesnt stop them from being very involved with the snowmobile community. In 2008 the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers and their volunteers built a warming hut on his property. It is a 12 x 24 building with a small wood stove microwave electricity and lighting. The county also has a handicap port-a-potty located right behind the hut for all riders to use if needed. You can find this destination on the VAST map at the intersection of trails 127A and 127B. The hut sits at the end of their seven acre property that borders the power lines. When you are at the hut you feel like you are on top of the world. It really does have quite a view from there. They have a webcam on their house which faces the hut. You can check out the webcam and the weather in full detail anytime from a link on the clubs web site www. The website and Facebook page are maintained by Rick. One of the main reasons Rick and Cindy continue to manage the hut is because of the the young kids. Watching new riders with their parents and seeing the awesomeness they are clearly experiencing is wonderful they say. This is the perfect area to take your new riders. The terrain has a slight grade but is relatively flat and wide open. On the picnic table inside the hut you will find a guest book. Be sure to sign it and leave a short note. They have met people from so many different places. The social aspect of this hut is something Rick and Cindy clearly take joy in. If your timing is good you may even find some fresh baked cookies in the hut compliments of Cindy. In addition to the hot cocoa coffee and tea which you can always find in the hut many riders will leave other food items for all to enjoy. They had to put up a donation bin on the wall because so many people like to leave something when they are done resting or warming up. Rick didnt want to do it but the demand became too great. For the past several years they have worked in collaboration with County Landowner SpotlightLandowner SpotlightLandowner Spotlight by Patty Companik lines. When you are at the hut you feel like you are on top of the world. It there. They have a webcam on their weather in full detail anytime from . The website and Facebook page are maintained by is something Rick and Cindy clearly by Patty Companik A few simple rules 1 Respect and take care of the facilities. Keep it clean. In fact try leaving it nicer than when you arrived 2 No smoking insideThe Hut. 3 Respect theneighboring landowners. Remember sound carries especially at night. If these few simple rules can be followedThe Hutwill remain open for all to enjoy. It took the support of many many people to provide this facility. It only takes the abuse of one to cause it to be closed. Dont be the one Warming Hut The Hut is provided by the hard work and generosity of many. USE IT ENJOY IT PLEASE DONT ABUSE IT The hard work of the volunteers of the Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club financial support from our donors and members and the generosity of our landowners make it all possible. The