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Winter 2016 69 9 on top of Hogback Mountain provides a large parking lot with fantastic panoramic mountain views. When heading south crossing busy Route 9 from the parking lot remember that childhood lesson and look twice before crossing the road. Route 9 is the main road running east and west between Brattleboro and Bennington. As you pass through the old Hogback Mountain Ski area the remnants of the once popular ski area are still standing. Once you hit the large open field at Grant Road you have entered the start of our trail system. Heading south through the woods your first intersection is WM-3. You will be heading towards Guilford Vernon and Colrain Mass. This section of trail to Deer Park Road has several elevation changes and reminds you of being on a very long roller-coaster ride. 9E is the trail less traveled and worth the trip. If you head east at WM-3 you are now heading towards JacksonvilleHalifax at WM-22. Halifax is left and Jacksonville is to the right. If you need anything when heading into town Historic Cherry Creek Sales is on the way. They offer a full repair shop along with sales of various items such as chainsaws lawn mowers snowmobiles oil or extra spark plugs. You can get your TMAs there too The founder of Cherry Creek Stuart Garland is also a founding member of our club and has been serving snowmobilers in his shop since 1969. His son Rusty also operates the shop. Downtown businesses in Jacksonville have opened their doors to snowmobilers for years. It is now possible to get gas drinks and a sandwich at First Stop Gas Store. The historic Jacksonville General Store is a welcomed stop offering a place to sit rest eat and warm your body up. There is free Wi-Fi and they are happy to lend you the phone or offer use of their restroom. A 20 second walk next door takes you to the Spoonwood Cabin Creamery where the handcrafted cheese and baguettes wine and other creations will be sure to put a smile on your face. Heading southwest at WM-22 will lead you into the heart of Halifax a beautiful town with friendly people and gracious landowners who allow us the use of their amazing land and views. E-Z Riders Trail System is made up of 85 percent private land and we are very thankful for each mile they award us year after year. Trail 112 also known as the Halifax Trail is where you will find our new park and ride lot on Route 112. This is another greatly appreciated landowner gift. During the summer it doubles as a cow pasture and when winter rolls around Farmer John moves the cows and opens the 50-acre fields for club use. Yes his name really is Farmer John. This parking lot allows for an easy day trip of riding from other states. Many riders have commented Why drive further North when I can just unload and ride without the long drive. Heading out of the parking lot Trail 112 will be to your left the 8A Loop will be to your right. The 8A Loop connects Featured Club Our trails start at Grant Road at Hogback Mountain. When you hit the big field you know you have entered the Jacksonville E-Z Riders Trails. FOUNDING MEMBERS A very special thanks to the founding members who had the vision to start our club 45 years ago. Their vision and efforts are being carried on with our current members dedication to the sport we all love. Stuart Rita Garland Ray Suzie Putnam Al Lori Bartlett Doug Mary Ann Howes Bill Carol Roy Frank Ginky Dix Rusty and Stuart Garland of Cherry Creek Sales in Jacksonville have been active members of our club from the start in 1971. Stuart and his wife Rita are founding members of the Jacksonville E-Z Riders.