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Winter 2016 17 the remaining 20 percent are state or federal lands. As a way of encouraging private landowners to allow VAST trails on their property in the 1970s Vermont enacted two statutes that protect those landowners from any liability if they allow trail use or public use at no charge. In addition to that protection VAST spends over 125000 on liability insurance annually to protect the trails and those that ride and work on them. So where else does the money go that VAST collects from TMA sales sled registrations magazine advertising merchandise sales etc. 80 percent of our income goes towards our trail system in the form of grooming trail construction trail maintenance policing etc. In fact 44 percent is for grooming alone. If you ride in other states and compare them to Vermont you can tell that we spend a lot of time effort and money making sure our trails are in excellent condition and incredibly well signed. When we have a year like we are having this winter grooming is not happening as much as it did last year but then TMA sales will be down too so each balances out some. On big snow years we do spend more on grooming and sell more TMAs and sometimes have the ability to have some money to put aside for grooming in the future emergency planning and disasters like tropical storm Irene. Even in low or no snow years we still pay for grooming to support the clubs and their machines. VAST is a very unique organization. We absolutely could not do what needs to be done to maintain the trails we have without each of the volunteers. Also very important is the fact that we would not have the trails if not for generous landowners. It is our goal to continue to run VAST as lean as possible to give our clubs landowners volunteers and members as much support as they need to thrive and protect the best trail system in the Northeast. Administration includes but is not limited to payroll benefits all VAST office operating expenses all insurances including trail liability 130000 annually building upkeep vehicles professional services travel expenses committee expenses and government relations. Administraon 16 PR Markeng 2 Media Communicaons 3 Addl Trails Admin not sta pay 4 Trail Grooming 44 Trail Maintenance 6 Trail Construcon 4 Trail Emergency Funding 1 Trail Debrushing 1 SSTP Statewide Snowmobile Trails Fund 19 Annual Budgeted Expenses 4.1 Million