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70 Snowmobile VERMONT several trails together through our trail system. Being the first to break trail after a good storm has always been worth the bragging rights and the thrill and fun of the ride. The 8A Loop will take you to the state line of Massachusettes where our trails run parallel to the power lines and the Deerfield River into Readsboro and eventually the Green Mountain National Forest. We thank the power company for the shared land use. It is a fun hidden gem to ride. For those who have ridden power line trails you understand how much fun they can be. Unlike anywhere else in the state our trails for several miles reciprocate with SAM Trails in Mass between VAST WM-8 WM-6 allowing riders from both states to share in this section of trails. Heading north on Route 8 runs a long straight ridge line at about 2100 feet you will pass the 8A Loop about midway and also the cut off trail that by passes Lake Sadawga. Continuing north on 8 leads you to the Twin Valley Middle and High School. Not only can we ride through the school property but the kids can ride their sleds to school too Crossing Route 100 in Whitingham at the school during late winter you can stop and relax and take a deep breath of Vermont fresh air by the hanging sugar buckets. The farms you have passed through and will continue to pass through give you the feeling youre in a special place...and you are. It can only be seen by sled. Approaching WM-1 you have two choices. You can turn right and head back into town or head left. Heading left will open up many new trail options. There is the Ryder Pond Loop or if you are in the mood for a long ride along the water then take the Wards Cove 9F Trail. It is not heavily traveled and has great views of Lake Whitingham at about 2500 feet. This trail ends at Wards Cove. It is so enjoyable that you might just turn around and do it again If you took the fork in the road back at the bypass trail for Lake Sadawga you would find yourself on 9 heading towards the Green Mountain National Forest and our Readsboro trails. At WM-4 you can head over the mountain at Readsboro back towards the state line. Or you could run the Deerfield Loop which has been recently logged and has left us an even better section of trail it will lead you to WM- 5. Running 9 to WM-5 heading up past Big Rock will also lead you to WM-5 and nearing the end of our trail system. All 65 miles 66 bridges and 50 road crossings can be seen via your snowmobile awarding unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. VOLUNTEERS Like many smaller clubs around the state too few people are doing the work that really requires so many more. Our core group of volunteers has been maintaining our trails for most of their adult lives and some started very young. Mike started doing trail work at the age of 12. Now he is in his 30s. Jackie our new club president and her husband Randy have spent countless hours year-in and year-out taking care of whatever needed to be handled. Carl our trail boss spends as much time doing club work as he does at his full-time job. Sheldon our lead groomer is known to run 12 hour plus shifts in the groomer. Marylee has successfully managed the books and handles processing TMAs. Her brother-in-law Tim who is on call 247 for fire and rescue has been in the Vice President role for many years. Rusty our prior club president has given countless hours to the club ranging from grooming to work parties and much more. As with most small clubs the enormous task of trail work before and during the season falls on a Trail boss Carl Havreluk and lead groomer Sheldon Tobey know how toGet It Done year after year. They always find the extra time to do so no matter what. ThisWelcome To Vermontsign has been welcoming riders to our trails for years. It is located at WM-8 where our trails reciprocate with Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts trails between WM-8 and WM-6. With the addition of our four new intersection signs our re-signing project is well underway. We would like to thank Dave Landers and Frank at Southern VT Signworks and others for this.