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Winter 2016 61 Club News Our club had several new snowmobilers pass the safety course which was headed by Dave Bleciah. It was a very successful day for everyone. We have had a couple of meetings with the State Forest Parks and Recreation about our trails. We are working on how to balance the way they want the trails set up for erosion purposes and how we need them for snowmobiling especially when we have low snow conditions like this year. I think we are coming to a compromise as long as we keep up with the yearly maintenance as we have been trying to do. We put all of our trails back together after tropical storm Irene with equipment from Dave Fucci and a lot of volunteer labor from Sno-Birds members and not a dime from the State VAST fit the bill. We got our Tucker back from Get- Sno after they did all the scheduled maintenance that was recommended plus two tracks and four sprockets. We cant wait to get out and start using it but Mother Nature is not cooperating at this time. Thank you Dave for getting it up there and back and saving us the transportation cost. We sent our blade out to Jr Bove at Jrs Auto Body to be repaired. Tommy Rollins welded in some new steel to last longer and Jrs team refinished the blade and painted it. It looks as good as new and is stronger than before. We have been checking and rechecking the trails for storm damage. Just last week we had high winds causing some larger trees to come down on our trails. WASHINGTON COUNTY Mad River Ridge Runners Throughout the year our club conducts various fundraisers the biggest being our Annual Rae Dinner where 100 prizes are given out. This years dinner saw over 150 attendees with the First place prize of a 2016 Artic Cat Lynx 2000. It was won by Rory and Kristy Partlow of Northfield Vermont. Congratulations to the Parlows and to everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing all of you at next years rae dinner. The next time youre looking for some great snowmobiling think of Waitsfield and the Mad River Ridge Worcester Rangers Worcester Rangers just completed a very successful Early Bird membership drive. During recent months major improvements have been made to portions of club trails. Under direction of Trailmaster Brian Richardson and with the cooperation of landowners trails have been enhanced with upgraded drainage and stump removal. Teams of club volunteers have been working weekends to complete brush removal and trail widening projects. VAST has officially designated trail intersection formerly known as WN-26A in Worcester Village as WN-60. WN-60 is across from the Doty Memorial School and adjacent to trailer parking and ride-up gas. Club members are excited about their upcoming trailside coffee and refreshment event on Saturday Feb. 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This annual event has become a snowmobile family destination with free marshmallow toasting for riders of all ages. Bob Stewart Communications Rory and Kristy Partlow of Northfield won this 2016 Artic Cat Lynx 2000 at the Mad River Ridge Climbersrae dinner. Worcester Rangers President Chris Temple renames the Worcester Village trail intersection to WN-60. Runners. Our trails will lead you to food gas and a great ride. Easy access to our trail system can be done at Kenyons Variety Store which is one mile north of Waitsfield. Rich Butler - Asst. Trailmaster Like us on Facebook I wish that we would get some good snow so all the hard work that all our members do could be enjoyed. Lets hope that the rest of the season turns out to have lots of snow One of our newer members got a surprise this year. Mark Quesnel received a Volunteer TMA for all his help last winter and this summer and fall debrushing season. He also rode in the groomer last season. The club wanted to thank you for being a new member willing to dedicate countless hours to the sport. Thank you again Roy Arthur - Trailmaster