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46 Snowmobile VERMONT Buckaroos Willis Page Fran Pare Gary Lamberton Buzzy Eastman and Dean Edson build a bridge on the new Sprocket Trail. CALEDONIA COUNTY that snowmobiles are being operated in a safe and legal manner. Please be sure you are maintaining safe speeds riding on the correct side of the trail and that your snowmobile is properly registered insured and carries the required TMAs. If you were born after July 1 1983 and are 12 years of age or older you are required to take and pass a certified snowmobile safety course to ride on the Statewide Snowmobile Trail System. Remember to Ride Right The Woodford SnoBusters are very excited about our upcoming Very Special People Ride hosted by the McKenna family in Woodford on Feb. 13 noon to 3 p.m. Adults and children with special needs are treated to lunch and a day of snowmobile rides. Our Annual Hot Dog Roast is at Airport Road in Somerset at noon on Feb. 20. An 8 donation buys you two hotdogs baked beans chips cookies and beverage alongside a nice bonfire with friendly fellow snowmobilers Profits are donated to local charities. East Coast Snocross is bringing snocross racing to Willow Park in Bennington on Feb. 27-28. We hope to see you at these events Think Snow Stacey Bleile Hospitality Director Like us on Facebook Buckaroos of 302 There is an old saying that if its a green Christmas we will have a white Easter. Were hoping that will be the case this year as its been a slow start to the season for the Buckaroos of 302. Opening Day came and went without a trace of snow in the air. It wasnt until New Years weekend before Gary and Taylor could get out and open up gates. We rode 55 miles that Saturday and Tristan was able to get out with the Tucker before rain hit the next weekend. As of Jan. 15 our trail system is not rideable due to the fact that its all ice with only a few inches of snow on top. There is snow in the forecast for the next few weeks so were hoping there will be enough for all of us to get out. Keep checking the website and Facebook page for regular trail updates. Hopefully by the time this report has been published the trail system will be open and we will have plenty of snow. The lack of snow has not dampened our spirits though We are happy to report that we sold a record amount of Early-Bird TMAs. Thank you to everyone who purchased one and to the Upper Valley Grill for letting us set up a table and sell TMAs on Dec. 12. The 39th Annual Dick Page Ride-In is scheduled for Saturday Feb. 13 starting at 11 a.m. and continues until we run out of food. We will be raing off some prizes and have clothing for sale. We just received a new order of clothing that includes some new selections. Im sure youll see Milt our president modeling the new winter hat. If anyone would like to attend a meeting feel free to stop in. We post our meeting times in advance on our website and on the Facebook page. Lastly wed like to thank everyone who volunteered to help us with trail work this fall. It was a big help and we wouldnt have been able to get everything done without people coming to help us out. As always be safe respect the landowners property and please dont litter our beautiful trails. Kevin McDonnell Vice President Like us on Facebook Kevin McDonnell Brian Fazzino Tristan Vaughan Skyler Vaughan and Echo the dog clear some brush on the Buckaroos of 302 trail system. Club News