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4 Snowmobile VERMONT Snowmobiling in Vermont has a rich history of volunteer participation. From the time a few snowmobilers informally came together to create and maintain trails and create VAST to what is done today to manage our Vermont snowmobile system. The Trailblazer Award is presented to VAST volunteers who have served their club county and VAST for at least 25 years. They will receive a special Trailblazer name badge and a letter of commendation. In addition each Trailblazer will be considered for the prestigious Founders Award for Outstanding Volunteerism. The Trailblazer Award honors the grassroots spirit and dedication of the many people who have made snowmobiling what it is today by freely giving their time hard work and resources for 25 years or more. VAST is proud to honor the following longterm volunteers with the Trailblazer Award Wendall Manseld is a founding member of the Stowe Snowmobile Club and has served as Treasurer for 46 years. He has a long history of helping with trail work and does a great job selling TMAs Dave McFadden has been a member of the Alburg Sno Springers Club for almost 50 years. He has served as club Treasurer Trails Coordinator and county Trails Coordinator. Dave has maintained and groomed the north end of the Alburgh trails as long as anyone can remember. He and his wife Rachael have created an incredible amount of goodwill between the club and landowners. Rachael McFadden has been Secretary of the Alburg Sno Springers for 25 plus years. She often rides shotgun on the groomer with Dave and plans to learn how to operate it when she retires Rachael participates in all club activities including trail work. Raymond Rodrigue is President of the Orleans Snow Stormers. He has volunteered for over 30 years doing trail work and operating the groomer. As Orleans County Trails Coordinator he works with the VAST Trails Committee and is an ambassador to promote VAST and snowmobiling to local businesses. Ray is a master of details and it shows in all that he does. Conrad Stewart has volunteered for 42 years and is still going strong. He has been President of the Mount Abe Snow Sports Club Addison County Director and Addison County Trails Coordinator. At age 85 Conrad is still pounding stakes and continues to be a great asset to his club county and VAST. Ernest Choquette has served the Country Riders Snowmobile Club for 40 years and was instrumental in purchasing the clubs first groomer. He organized the construction of Trail 242 and several bridges. He served as club President for a number of years and continues to be an active and contributing member. Dale Allen is a 40 plus year veteran of organized snowmobiling. He is a member of the Lamoille County Sno Packers and Hardwick Snowflake Ridge Runners for whom he grooms trails. Dale has represented Lamoille County as Director and Trails Coordinator and has been President of the Snow Packers. Hes always there for trail projects and keeps up to date by attending VAST Trails meetings and serving on club committees. Dick Bigwood is a member of the Chester Snowmobile Club. He is not just a member but also an incredibly active 84-year-old volunteer. He has maintained and operated trail groomers for many years. In addition he has participated in many trail projects including bridge construction and debrushing often taking the lead. Dick gets the permission slips signed by almost 70 landowners many from out of state. He sends each one a personalized Christmas card annually. He manages the trail signs for the club putting them out picking them up and keeping them in good repair. Do you know someone who deserves a Trailblazer Award Download a nomination form at and send it to Cyndy Jones at the VAST office at Rachael McFadden Dave McFadden and Dick Bigwood are a few recipients of VASTs newest volunteer award. The Trailblazers Award is given to members with over 25 years of volunteerism. Trailblazers CornerBy Dave Ladd 25Years of Volunteering