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8 Snowmobile VERMONT AWARDS NOMINATING Awards The Awards Committee promotes the VAST scholarship program and annually selects the winners of two 1500 scholarships from the applicants. Each application is reviewed in detail by the committee. The essay is a very important part of the scholarship process. Each committee member scores the applications based on a number of criteria including involvement with their club. The two candidates with the highest aggregate scores are the winners and their applications are forwarded to the Northeast Chapter for a chance for an additional 1000 scholarship. This committee also reviews the awards that are available to recognize members of VAST and those outside the organization who support VAST in significant ways. An overview of the available awards can be found in the article on page 18. The committee meets to review all submissions and has an open dialog about each entry before a final decision is voted on for every award. Pictures videos and letters are reviewed by every committee member. It is amazing to read some of the major contributions so many people have made over the years and is something we really enjoy doing. We are always looking for more nominations. We know there are many more people out there doing a lot of hard work for VAST which we dont receive nominations for. It only takes about an hour of your time to write something about someone you know so that they may be recognized. Nominating The Nominating Committee recruits Meet the Committee VAST News and encourages candidates for the elected VAST officers. This year VAST voted in three new officers Tim Mills as President Jeff Fay as Vice President and Jim Hill as Recording Secretary. Tom Baltrus will continue in his current role as Treasurer. If you or someone you know may be interested in one of these positions in the future the committee welcomes you to contact us with your nomination. Most meetings are held in the first half of the calendar year with applications for scholarships due March 1 and nominations for awards due April 1. It gets busy fast since the decisions are made in a short period of time shortly after the deadlines. Plaques have to be ordered as well as other items and time is needed for the engraving. All this has to be done in preparation of the annual meeting at which time the awards will be presented. We have an outline of awards which are covered each year but we also encourage ideas for other recognitions. In 2015 we created two new awards The Trailblazer one nomination is awarded the Founders award and the Horizon award. If you have an idea or suggestion for other awards or ways to recognize people please let us know. Serving on this committee is rewarding in more ways than one. There is great satisfaction in selecting scholarship winners and recognizing individuals for their hard work and contributions to snowmobiling in Vermont. Regards Awards Nominating Committee Committee Members Dave Ladd Co-Chair Merritt Budd Co-Chair Patty Companik Dick Jewett Star Poulin Full Service Machine Shop 1778 VT Route 105 Newport VT 05855 MADE IN THE USA TUCKER SNO-CAT EQUIPMENT New and Reconditioned Equipment and Parts for Tucker Sno-Cats 802 334-7779 OPEN HOUSE GROOMER DEMO DAY February 20 2016 8 AM to 3 PM at Get-Sno Maintenance Seminars Operator Challenges with prizes Product-line Representatives Groomer Demos Tours Coffee and donuts served in the morning and lunch at noon. PLEASE RSVP by phone or email infogetsno.comPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVPPLEASE RSVP by phone or email SNOWRABBIT GROOMERS