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60 Snowmobile VERMONT Orleans Snowstormers Greetings from the Northeast Kingdom. Well I guess this is going to be a slow start for the season. The warm December and rain left trails wet and snowless. We sent the groomer out the first weekend of January after receiving six to eight inches of snow in an effort to start a base. At this time we are waiting for more snow. I hope by the time you read this we will be up to our necks in snow and out enjoying the trail network that we all work so hard to maintain. We have done a lot of work on our trails this season including some major reroutes so please be mindful of all trail signs and make sure to stay on the marked trail. In other news we would like to thank a couple of our members who volunteered to install insulation in our groomer building. Recently John and Ryan Gage spent most of a weekend putting up this insulation as we continue to finish this project. These young gentlemen are experienced in the building industry and did a fantastic job. Thanks guys At a recent Orleans County Snowmobile Association meeting club president Raymond Rodrigue was awarded the VAST Trailblazer award. It is always humbling to be recognized by the fellow volunteers who work just as hard as you do to keep our sport alive. When the snow comes and we all rush out to ride the trails keep in mind to slow down stay on your side of the trail and help keep our sport safe for everyone and respect the landowners who make our trail system possible. Make sure not to litter and if riding at night keep noise levels as low as possible in residential areas. Gloria Rodrigue Secretary Like us on Facebook Shrewsbury Sno-Birds I hope that everyone had a great holiday season. It was not good for snowmobiling but I hope you got together with friends and family for some holiday cheer. RUTLAND COUNTY Club News Mount Holly Snow Flyers The Snow Flyers have been very busy this year. We have had to rebuild several bridges and reroute trails. We also built a new groomer barn. The Tucker now has a nice cozy place to rest while it waits for the snow. The club has pulled together and made it all happen before the snow flew. The New Years Fireworks at Star Lake went off without a hitch. Belmont rang in the year with a bang. The first annual Ride-In will be held on Feb. 7. Check Facebok and our website for time and location. The trail system is in great shape thanks to Steve H. for keeping us on track. By the time you are all reading this we hope that there have been many miles ridden and plenty of white gold on the ground. A huge thank you goes out to all of our members that make this club operate like a well oiled machined. Steve Forrest President Like us on Facebook Mount Holy Snow Flyers have a new groomer barn. Chittenden Dammers Well folks it hasnt exactly been the winter we have been waiting for so far. As of Jan. 15 we have a small base in place and consistently cold temps have arrived. We just have to get that next decent snowfall and well be in business. Were seasoned snowmobilers and we have seen this type of winter before. Keep those sleds ready to rip at a moments notice I already busted on my winter forecast so Ill leave that up to the weather pros at this point. It is the best job around where you can be wrong most of the time and still keep your job. Im still planning on the season getting going just later than we had planned on. We will see what is happening when this magazine gets mailed out. The Chittenden Dammers January meeting was well attended and all things considered our club continues to thrive with lots of active members and reasonable sales of early bird TMAs. We appreciate continued support from longtime club members in-state and out. We meet the first Tuesday of the month September through May at 7 p.m. in the Mountain Top Inn Tavern. A big thank you goes out to Rob Kulig and AJ Auto in Rutland for once again donating groomer maintenance supplies. See AJ for all your automotive parts and accessories needs. They are located on the left just past the Rutland Post Office. At this point there is not much news to report but please keep in touch via the website www.chittendendammers. org or our new Facebook page. Things are going in the right direction and when it opens up please ride safely and as always Ride Smooth. Charlie Robbins Treasurer Like us on Facebook