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56 Snowmobile VERMONT packed winter. Once there is enough snow riders will observe the new signs displayed welcoming all to our trails. There are also new trail signs to help guide all along the way. Happy trails and safe riding to all. See you out there. Mike Mann Like us on Facebook Club News Before and after trail clearing photos of the Drift Skippers Trail 132. Topsham Ridgerunners Greetings from the hills of Topsham. Hopefully by the time you read this we are riding or snow is at least on its way. Like everyone else we have been busy getting our trails ready. With no major projects this year we were provided the opportunity to redo all of our junction signage. We now have the big green signs that have become so popular and for good reason. This project was paid for mostly by the donations of dedicated riders and loved ones of riders who have passed on. Several local businesses purchased advertising too. We have held a couple of raes that have been received really well. This is to benefit future trail work and our scholarship fund. In an effort to boost membership we have pursued other avenues in addition to our regular vendors. This included reaching out to old members as well as perspectives and approaching new businesses to sell our TMAs. Even for a poor snow year so far the results were surprising. A special thanks to all who have helped with memberships. Our website has been revamped and we have hats and shirts with our logo available. We also plan to have a safety inspection check at one of our junctions conducted by the Orange County Sheriffs. Keep an eye on Facebook for a date. Once again our trails will be groomed by Jesse Lambert. Keep up the fantastic grooming job Jesse Hats and helmets off to all of the outstanding volunteers who help make our great little trail system happen. Thank you Ricky Johnny Lyndsey Steve Dylan Bob Butch Bunnie Wayne Edna Brad Andrew Bob Paul Ernie Will Sid Paul Terry Tim. If I have left anyone out your efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Its a privilege to work with such a great group of volunteers landowners. Thank you all Until next time remember the rules of the road dont litter thank a landowner and think snow Matthew Powers President Like us on Facebook The Tri-Town Trail Travelers We had our first meeting of the 2015- 16 season on Sept. 2. Since that time our club members have been hard at work clearing our over 30 miles of Justin Morrill Drift Skippers It was a very busy fall. We now have a new section of our RT 132 trail. This extension of 132 eliminated the use of driving two miles on Colby Road South Pero Mtn. Road and Sawnee Bean Road. Our goal is to continuing 132 next summer to eliminate riding on Whippoorwill Road. Our other projects included redecking bridges cleaning up trails and resetting culverts. Justing Morril Drift Skippers is currently planning a landowner appreciation dinner to thank all landowners personally for their use of land. We all could not do the thing we love most without them. Our hopes are still high for a snow In other club news we have constructed our first Sno-Scramblers Commerce Directory Center on Trail 91. This project was a collaborative effort of club members landowners and local businesses attempting to get the word out that we are here and ready to assist in the pleasure of your snowmobiling experience. Soon the panel will be covered with signs from our local business partners that support snowmobiling. A special thanks to Adam Osgood Ron Garvin Glenn McKinley Larry Russ and Mark Benway for helping with this project. Two of our newest club supporters Bliss Village Store and Deli in Bradford and Wings Market in Fairlee have TMAs available for you to purchase in case you have been holding out for snow. With temperatures finally beginning to drop and true winter weather on the horizon we can only hope that the Sno-Scramblers Tucker Sno-Cat will be grooming as you read this. Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website Kim Thody-Davis Webmaster Like us on Facebook