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Winter 2016 47 Lyndon Sno-Cruisers In our last Club News submission the two shiny blue sleds had been getting acquainted. The sleds have since helped in demonstrations at the Dec. 12 safety class sponsored by the Lyndon Sno-Cruisers and the Dec. 19 class sponsored by the Orleans Snow Stormers and Glover Trailwinders. Lunch was provided by Merle Young Sr. Now the shiny sleds are waiting for everyone to do snow dances. Trail work has occupied much of the fall. For that we are glad that the weather stayed mild. Two bridges were completed on trail 522 by contractor Mike Bickford. A landowner who has for many years in the past provided access needed to use his farmland this winter so the club did an emergency reroute. This was completed with many volunteer hours. John E. Gould assisted with his excavator. This kept the link of trail 52 from Sheffield to trail 522 into Lyndonville. We thank everyone for all of their effort. With that team focused on the reroute another team stepped up and completed marking the rest of the 60 miles of trails. This team included the Lyndon State College Snowmobile Club. If that wasnt enough John E. and John D. Gould also worked on getting the BR180 and Tucker groomers and drags ready for the grooming season. They had help from Dave Kaufman and Francis Pillsbury. As mentioned in the last issue our Annual Poker Run Fundraiser will be held on Feb. 13. VAST director Cindy Locke is going to participate in the event with us. With all of the work mentioned that the club has done at 5 per hand played this is an important fundraiser. We will greatly appreciate everyones support who will participate to win over 1200 worth of prizes that have been donated. 400 cash is the first prize. Check our website for more details. Now it is time to go put the trickle chargers on the snowmobiles to have them ready to ride. Oil grease and tracks were checked back during warm weather for preseason maintenance. Larry Dwyer Secretary Like us on Facebook John. E Gould and his excavator were vital in rerouting the Lyndon Sno-Cruisers link from Trail 52 to Trail 522. Newark EZ Riders Hopefully the snowmobile season has begun. As you know it got off to a slow start around New England. Here it is mid-January after a warm fall and we have very little snow on the ground now. The Newark EZ Riders had a busy fall completing some major brush work throughout our trail system. We completed some much needed stump and rock removal to improve our trail base. Signing was done early with all the warm weather and we were ready for the upcoming season. Early bird TMA sales were almost even with last years sales as of Dec. 15. This was due to the use of our website and the outstanding effort of our membership chairperson Rena. She did a great job as always. The club now has our new website up and running. TMA forms club news and events are available. Check it out at Thank you to all the landowners in Newark that allow the club to use their land during the riding season and to maintain it throughout the year. As you know without these landowners we would have nowhere to ride. If you see someone out on the trail walking snowshoeing skiing or just enjoying the experience this could be the landowner who is allowing us to ride. Please be respectful slow down and give them room to enjoy the winter season. Lastly we would like to thank all the volunteers that make this club what it has been for years. We saw a nice group of new volunteers this year including young and old and we hope to see this continue in the future. Ride right and enjoy the sport. Steve Leedy President Club News