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Winter 2016 3 VASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVASTVAST NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Winter 2016 2016 SNOWQUEST The Rutland Herald and Times Argus newspapers are once again organizing SnoQuest. The game is open to all VAST members. Grand prizes in the past have ranged from a new snowmobile to cold hard cash. The twist for this years game is a unique take on the traditional Poker Run. Look for rules and more details at www.timesargus.comsnoquest or www.rutlandherald.comsnoquest on Friday Feb. 5. Game play is slated to begin on Friday Feb. 19 and end on Monday Feb. 29. You can email or for more information. PRAY FOR SNOW By Patty Companik Lee and Robyn Whiting members of both the Chester and Andover snowmobile clubs donated a Pray for Snow carved wooden bear to the two clubs. In turn the clubs presented it to Cindy Locke VAST Executive Director at a club fundraising event on Saturday Jan. 9 to thank her for coming to their community and spending time with some of the local membership. Cindy was presented the bear by Stan Choiniere president of the Chester Snowmobile Club Nicholas Baker of the Andover Mountaineer Snow Riders Windsor County Director Dick Jewett and club member Lee Whiting. I believe most of us would agree that we need snow It has been a slow start to the season and we are all waiting for the snow and cold temps to come and stay with us for a fewmonths. The lack of snow this year was the inspiration for this cute 28 tall carved wooden bear. The Pray for Snow bear was created by Barre Pinskes Vermont Wooden Bear Company located in Chester Vermont. You can have the bear customized to have your own pray for message on it. If you are interested in a bear please contact Barre Pinske at 508-965-3211 or Thank you to the folks from the Chester and Andover clubs and communities. We hope your generous donation of this bear containing our special prayer message will bring us some much needed SNOW The bear is displayed in the lobby at the VAST office for all members to enjoy. Lee Whiting Stan Choiniere Dick Jewett and Nicholas Baker presented thePray For Snowbear to VAST Executive Director Cindy Locke on Jan. 9. 201516 SEASON PHOTO CONTEST Send those photos in All six winners will get a Snowmobile Vermont beanie hat. First place receives a TMA for next year and the cover shot of the Fall 2016 issue. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. All photos must be high resolution at least 3 MB. 2. The person submitting the photos must be the person who took it. 3. Once you submit your photo you are giving VAST copyright permission to use this photo in the magazine and for future marketing purposes. 4. To enter Email your photo and caption to with the subject PHOTO CONTEST.