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We would like to thank the many vendors who generously donated prizes for our poker run, they include: Lisai’s Market, Baba Louie’s, Chester Hardware, Heritage Bakery, Stone Hearth Inn, Jiffy Mart, Free Range Restaurant, Benny’s Power Sports, Chester Car Wash, Springfield GMC, Frank and Patty Companik, The Big E and Enfield Motor Sports. Articles, written by Patty Companik, highlighting these events are included in this issue of Snowmobile Vermont. We have two other events scheduled in March, so be sure to check out our Facebook page for details. With regards to our website at www. chestersnowmobileclub, while it is still up and running we are transitioning to use VAST’s website, which is designed to give each club their own site for news, events, history, officer information and trail conditions. Please use that site which is accessed by going to Click on “clubs” in the top menu bar. You can then filter by county (Windsor), type Chester and click “search” or scroll down the clubs on the left to find Chester Snowmobile Club. Stay informed by checking our Facebook page, calling the snow phone at 802-875-6550 for current trail updates as well as our website. Joan Choiniere, Secretary Like us on Facebook Chester Snowmobile Club recently installed 911 signs on their trail system. Club News Hartland Hill Hoppers, Inc. Since it was a few years ago when I last wrote, let’s start with a rewind. Every year, our club takes the opportunity to thank our landowners for the use of their land at our Annual Landowners Thank You Dinner held at our April meeting. Back in 2015 at the dinner, we also presented Alan Dunklee with a certificate of appreciation and recognition of his tireless efforts, dedication and commitment to groom our trails and to make them the best trails around! Let’s skip forward a bit to our off- season. This past summer, we had a group of volunteers that worked to spruce up our old 7-foot Awesome drag with welding and painting. We then sold it to a club up in northern Maine. We also have an old bridge frame for sale if anyone is looking to purchase one. If so, please contact the club.  Now, let’s fast forward and skip past the previous season that was non- existent for most riders. I’ve been riding for nearly 40 years and have never experienced a winter like last, nor do I wish to again. I was one of the fortunate ones who did get a chance to ride last year, but I know many that didn’t. So needless to say, I’m happy to see that this winter there has been some decent riding. Some folks would say winter should last forever, but I’d disagree. We wait for months and then we still have to count on Mother Nature to spread a nice white carpet for us to enjoy! Once the carpet is laid, we then count on the groomer operators to keep it smooth. So, to all the groomer operators, a great big “Thank you!” We certainly appreciate it. Please stay on marked trails or risk trails being closed. Your cooperation is much appreciated. Snowmobiling is a privilege, not a right! Please obey all signs and respect the landowners.  Our last meeting of the season and the Landowners Dinner will be April 23 at the Hartland Rec. Center. On the Fourth of July, you’ll find us at Hartland’s Old Home Days, serving our sausages with the works, fresh squeezed lemonade and our colorful sno-cones!  To everyone who helps out in any way, shape or form, a great big “Thank you!” We couldn’t do it without you. You each play an important part, and for that we are very thankful. Yvonne Rice, President Like us on Facebook Hurricane Riders The Hurricane Riders had a busy February even though there was no snow to speak of in our grooming area. Our apologies to the membership for not having better groomed trails, but most of the mileage groomed by the Hurricane Riders was snowless the first half of the month, making it impossible to get to some of the higher areas that didn’t get rain each storm.  Sunday Feb. 5 was the annual Dice Run and fundraising event. A second brown winter in a row for this event did knock the attendance down a little, but overall we had a great time. Beth from VAST dropped in, surprising everyone, taking pictures and meeting the members. Beth was on hand for the results of the Dice Run and was one of the winners. Dice Run high point winner was Coral Wallen. Low point winner was Beth Godin who donated the cash back to the club. Most snake eyes went to Tom Thibodeau. Winner of the 50/50 raffle was Mary Hutchins. After everyone counted the M&Ms in the decanter, Donna and Richard Wright tied on their counts and a tie breaker was held. Donna ended up winning the donated Simon Pearce glass. Two weeks later, the Hurricane Riders