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54 Snowmobile VERMONT Magazine Club News Ludlow Sidehill Cronchers Hello riders Winter is fast approaching. Hopefully the pre-Halloween snow is a good foreshadowing of a fluffy white season. Of course without our land owners we would not have any snowmobiling. To thank these very important people we are hosted a landowner dinner at the Chop House in Ludlow on Nov 7. Our annual holiday party and meeting will once again be graciously hosted by Tim and Michelle Doyle at their home on the evening of Dec. 5. Come join us Its always a great time. TMA forms can be downloaded from our website www.sidehillcronchers. com and mailed to us or purchased Weatherseld Pathnders As the cooler weather begins to move in we are reminded that snow is just around the corner and there is so much to do. Hope that everyone has had a chance to get out and start to do trail work Our hardworking volunteers under the leadership of Trailmaster Kevin Heiden have been out working over our sections of the trail system checking for downed trees and debrushing areas that have become over grown. A majority of our trail work has been completed with only a small section of the 5 trail that needs to be checked and debrushed. Within the next few weeks our volunteers will be out replacing three bridges on our section of the 5 trail headed towards Brownsville. These bridges have served us well over the past few years but time has taken its toll on them. We will be taking out the old bridges and replacing them with brand new ones to ensure safe passage by all the riders who enjoy our trail system. During the earlier part of the season last year there was discussion held at a meeting where our club officers asked club members what areas within our trail system they felt we could improve on. The main topic that seemed to be on everyones mind was trail signing. With that said work has begun on new junction sign posts as it was decided to update them to hold the new signs that were purchased earlier in the summer. Also new confirmation signs were purchased to make it easier for riders to navigate our trail system. Hope to see everyone out on the trails soon Think Snow Seth Kimball Vice President www.weatherseldpathnderssnow- Like us on Facebook A Weathersfield Pathfinders volunteer limbs up a downed tree on the trail. ORDER TODAY 5 Each VAST 26 Vast Ln. Barre VT 05641 VTVAST.ORG TODAY NEW for 15-17 at these locations in Ludlow NAPA Auto Parts Ludlow Country Store Bensons Chevrolet and Ludlow Insurance. You can also get them at Turcos in Rutland. Dont forget to go to the website for trail conditions and to view our webcam. Please note that NAPA will not be doing DMV registrations. Trail work is underway. Brush hogging has been completed and trimming is being done. We have heard that the county has labeled their hosting of the VAST Annual Meeting a total success. Great job everyone Tis the season of many thanks. Many thanks to all that put our trails together and volunteered for so many things and for so many hours that make our season happen. And remember the Warming Hut will be stocked with free hot cocoa Enjoy the holidays and enjoy the ride Tina Berge Public Information Ofcer Like us on Facebook