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34 Snowmobile VERMONT Magazine cookies pretzels chips etc. Everyone milled around chatting and talking with Gary as he lit up the gas range and cut up the venison and onions. This is Garys hunting camp which as I looked around and asked questions generated some interesting stories. Being the small state that Vermont is it was fun to make mutual connections of friends around the area. Of course we also talked about snowmobiling trail access memberships the weather and lots more. As the night wore on it was almost dark when we packed up suited up and climbed back onto our sleds. The trail where Garys camp is located is on a big loop back so the gang took a lap around the loop before heading back down of course it is always a blast to ride behind people who know the trail. We headed down a different way. We stopped to check out the bright full moon and another group of sleds pulled up. It just so happens that these youngsters belonged to some of the people in the group I was with. Moving along we ended up on part of the rail bed in Poultney and then back through meadows winding woods and into the Wescotts meadow where we started. It was about 8 p.m. and an awesome ride. When I arrived earlier in the day the only person I knew was Keith however it was rewarding to meet so many cool new people. I look forward to riding with the gang again this winter. If you want to ride with these fun Snow Devils they meet every Friday at 2 p.m. in the meadow behind Wescotts Garage during the season. Happy Trails